Home Entertainment “Ble Pathumrat RSiam” proudly presents “Somtang”, the first song in my life that I wrote myself, sang it myself, directed the MV by myself.

“Ble Pathumrat RSiam” proudly presents “Somtang”, the first song in my life that I wrote myself, sang it myself, directed the MV by myself.

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Is a very talented artist who has created many works such as singing, playing as an MC, playing dramas, acting in movies, or being a presenter for various products. But this is the first time that modern Isaan icon “Ble Pathumrat RSiam” (Atthit Somnoi) has shown her skills as a music video director for “Som Thang”, the latest single that both self-composed and sang in Isan language

which means looking forward to hope at the destination with pride to present the corner of Isan children who go to work in foreign countries and did not meet his parents Especially in the situation of COVID-19 that make it far away in a love mood that is different from a young man and a woman but in regards to the concern of family members by “Young Ble” gave an interview about the new role this time that

tell a story in MV Som the way?

“I blended my own story in real life into the MV. Whether the diligence of the father Family Care Responsibilities An uncomfortable life as a child including the scene with the gold necklace that my mother gave That one was taken from real life. and the scene where the crab clamps us against the mother It seems like I’m about to communicate that when I was little, I would always tell my mom. But when we grew up, we had a big problem that we never told him because we were afraid that he thought too much.”

As a new director What has been presented in Some MV that you think is different from past songs?

“As a new director working with R Siam I put a lot of stuff in the MV. As we’ve been behind the scenes in making movies for a few years, I put it as a movie. Putting the scene of human life, real life, you will see the nature of mother and child life and family. Including your father. The loss of my father as a child is what I wanted to crush for the hero to become more intimate with his mother. You will see suffering, happiness, smiles. and the tortured voice of the character’s heart I present them little by little. according to the feeling of reality.”

Tell about the atmosphere of the filming. The MV that took 2 days?

“The atmosphere of the two days of filming went well. because I’ve thought about it until the end On the day of the shoot, I only shoot what I want. and keep it for about 10 scenes, so the working time is perfect I can work with late awakening. Work comfortably without pressure on the team, just smile and control the editing itself. I do everything myself, whether it’s sitting and screening pictures. Or put the characters to match the rhythm of the various tearful songs.”

Would you like to follow up on your work?

“Please leave it to me. I have a lot of intention in this piece. My work is set to resolution and cares about the feelings of the people watching every step of the way.”

Please follow the new music video. Som the way Get it before anyone else >>


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