boil! “Squrs” meets civil service officer, demands 3 hundred thousand, expects punishment for dismissal: PPTVHD36

“Chatchat” is boiling in the middle of the meeting room, meeting the civil servants, calling for 3 hundred thousand, waiting to be fired

on June 1, 2023 in the Rattanakosin Room of the Bangkok City Hall (Bangkok) Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, the Governor of Bangkok (Governor of Bangkok) presided over the meeting of the heads of Bangkok authorities.

There was a news report of the meeting that said Mr. Chatchart at one time that In terms of transparency, there are many problems. The civil department has agreed to 50,000 baht and increased to 300,000 baht Do not be inconsiderate, know, get pictures.

Mr Chatchart also revealed that he is now being sent to manage. Director of the Regional Office It cannot be denied that there are subordinates behaving badly in the area. We cannot deny responsibility. Must be thoroughly extorted There are many licenses.

Mr Chatchart also said civil arrests had been made. The person mentioned above, he also has a picture, ready to say that he will definitely take it out and be fired, otherwise people say that nothing gets better. Pollution The director of the district office had to help in many dimensions, but the building permit in many areas told the director of the district office. that it is targeted It is not this area Director of the area office But we also need to look after our subordinates. It’s a disturbing thing.