Boyfriend’s parents invite him to dinner. but paying money Also to wash the dishes Stop, is this wrong?

The girl who got choked the most, her boyfriend’s parents invited him to eat. But invites you to buy things to pay money It is used to help cook Also to wash the dishes Stop, is this wrong?

One of the challenges of couples is undeniably family. which can be called an important checkpoint to measure whether they will hold hands and pass together or not But about this young girl She seemed to give up completely. when facing a lover’s family like this

On June 1, 2023 ETtoday website reveals the story of a young woman who has posted a story to vent the frustration Via the website Dcard, an online community from Taiwan. It became a viral debate on social media. She revealed that she had been dating for many years. Until a few days ago His parents invited him to dinner. She agreed although she was still a bit nervous.

Even when he got home, his girlfriend’s mother suddenly invited him to go out and buy things to cook. and when paying My girlfriend’s mother lets her be the one who pays the bills. when coming home my girlfriend’s mother let her cook. She has the skills to cook so she can do it. Sitting at the table to eat Love’s parents praised her cooking. That was the only moment he felt relief from the accumulated suffering. And the general atmosphere seems to be better.

until the conversation at the table Boyfriend’s mother talks about having a baby Her boyfriend suddenly blurted out saying, she doesn’t want children After that, she had to sit and listen to her boyfriend’s mother talking about wanting to have children. She said it was easy to have a baby. Her feelings turned bad again. But it doesn’t end there…

Shortly after eating fully while the young woman had not yet sat down to catch her breath My boyfriend’s mother asked her to help wash the dishes. The woman then asked her boyfriend to help too. But the lover’s mother seems to answer, “He can’t wash dishes. Let’s do it ourselves. Mother will teach her to cook other things too. She could have done a few more things.

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on hearing that the young woman was unbearable. So she said directly in the middle of the dining table that She did not like this kind of family hospitality. She then quickly banned the boyfriend and scolded her for telling her mother that. He also explained that to his mother These duties are the duties of a daughter or daughter-in-law. At that point she knew it was over. She burst out saying:I’m not married yet and don’t expect to get married in the future

They invited guests to dinner. Instead, they came to shop, pay, cook, and do the dishes, and I resented my boyfriend’s mother during this whole process.” said the girl

before after She packed her bags and walked out of her boyfriend’s parents’ house. And even if her boyfriend came to apologize. But she was extremely disappointed. so it was decided to end decisively Even though we had been together for many years And she believed that she could be a good wife. But if you have to come across family traditions like this, you can’t accept it.

After the story was shared, it became a widely discussed topic. with all the part that understands her feelings saying My mother made love too much, if she got married, she might have come across a lot more things. While the other party saw that it was too hot-tempered. Maybe all that is just to test the mind of the daughter-in-law.
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