‘Breaking 60 home runs’ Aaron Judge ‘How far is the record streak?’

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Aaron Judge of the Major League Baseball New York Yankees hit the 60 home run mark for the ninth time in 21 years since Barry Bonds.

How far will the record run go?

Song Reporter Ki-seong.

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Bottom of the ninth, gradually trailing behind Pittsburgh.

Leadoff hitter Aaron Judge swings the bat as hard as he can.

60th home run of the season over the left field wall!

Fans and colleagues alike cannot hide their excitement at the ninth major league record.

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“Home run No. 60! Aaron Judge stands shoulder to shoulder with Babe Ruth!”

Babe Ruth’s 60-home run streak in a season, first set in 1927, has been broken for a time since Roger Maris in 1961.

Since then, Maguire has broken the record twice, Sammy Sosa three times, and Barry Bonds once in 2001, setting the record for most home runs in a season, but all were overshadowed when it was revealed that they taking prohibited substances.

Major League Baseball fans and the American press are lauding Judge’s 60 home run, calling it the first in 61 years for a drug-free home run.

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“I didn’t care about the number of home runs. When I was young, I never imagined that I would be compared to the great-great-grandmother of the Yankees, Ruth Maris, who is honored huge.”

With 15 games left in this season, arithmetic means that 66 home runs are possible.

Meanwhile, the Yankees, starting with Jersey’s solo shot and Stanton’s final home run, won a thrilling 9-8 comeback, keeping their lead firmly in the area.

This is Ki-sung Song from MBC News.

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