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Kairosoft released the simulation games “Fureai Publishing Bureau” and “Fuun☆Boxing Story” on PlayStation 4 on Thursday, November 16th. It will be released simultaneously worldwide, including the US and Europe.

■ Exclusive downloadable PlayStation Store Release title
“Fureai Publishing Bureau”
“Fuun☆Boxing Story”

■ Price
1,500 yen (tax included)

■ Delivery start date
Released on Thursday, November 16, 2022

■Deliver game content

・Fureai Publishing Bureau

A simulation game of the editorial department of the town magazine. Decide on themes and sections, and create a beautiful feature that will capture the hearts of your readers. If you go out for coverage, you might get some special surprise news.

As you progress through the game, you will be scouted by the mayor, and you will be able to participate in the local town development project. We can offer advice on attracting public projects such as the “Voice Campaign” and “Yukata Contest”, as well as shops such as “Family Restaurants” and “Health Lands”, and we can expect further development from the town.

How far can your town’s town magazine increase its circulation?

・Fuun☆ Boxing Story

A punching and punching boxing gym management simulation. Let’s guide a boxer growing up with a coach and a three-legged race to the world champion!

I can’t take my eyes off the game where the win or loss is decided by a single shot reversal. Let’s send a warm cheer along with the second.

Let’s make the boxers jump forward by organizing the facilities and developing their individuality. Conquering the 3rd class is no longer a dream! You can fully enjoy the romance of parenting.

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