Can’t resist!! Mu Paknam defeated Allen 1-6, eliminated from the semi-finals of the British Open.

Moo Paknam, young Thai cue collector Misses British Open snooker final after meeting Mark Allen wins decisive frame 6-1 in semi-final

a snooker battle British Open 2022 At the Marshall Arena in Milton Keys, England on Saturday evening October 1, the semi-finals were played using a 6 out of 11 frame system. “Moo Paknam” Nopphon Saengkham Thai snooker player, number 38 in the world Mark Allen World number 14 from Ireland

The result of the game showed that Allen showed a very hot form and almost no errors, while Moo Paknam lost a second, allowing Allen to take the lead and go on the podium before 5-0 in 5 frames. As mentioned, Pak Nam can only bet a total of 11 points with a score of 70-6, 76-0, 133-0, 70-0 and 118-5.

He then won the 6th frame, the egg beater, some 72-48, trailing 1-5 frames away. Later, the 7th frame, the pig has a chance to get this frame. But missing the green ball at the end causing Allen to turn around to collect this frame 72-44 and close the game with a 6-1 victory. Frame through to the finals to find the winner between Ryan’s day World number 27 from Wales with Robbie Williams 61st hand of the British world

Although Moo Paknam missed the opportunity to reach the final for the first time on the World Tour, however, in reaching the play-offs, the pool pig gave away a prize of £20,000, or around 840,000 baht, and is prepare to move from 38 up to 33rd hand in the world.

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