Caught in a rope tied to a tow; Lion ‘ropes’ with safari jeep | Video

Johannesburg: A lion’s rope with a safari jeep in the mud as it travels through the Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa. The lion was caught on a rope tied to pull the safari jeep out of the mud. The footage from the safari jeep went viral on social media.

The incident took place on November 18. The tires of the jeep that went through the Greater Kruger National Park at the Biobab Ridge Game Lodge in South Africa were stuck in the dirt. Tour guide Jabulani Salinda pulled the jeep with a rope and lifted it out of the mud. Meanwhile, the lion was caught on a rope that stretched out of the jeep.

The lion slowly approached the vehicle and bit the rope. The lion bites the rope and refuses to let go. Trapped behind a bush, the rope fell from his mouth. Taking advantage of this opportunity, the lion grabs the rope again as the vehicle moves forward. The vehicle then advances a few meters while the lion is bitten on the ropes.

Tour guide Jabulani Salinda said it felt like a joke and that the lion’s rope felt like a big cat playing with a toy. He said that the tourists were afraid that they would come near the jeep after seeing the lion’s work but he calmed them down and we were all able to enjoy the moment.

Content Highlights: Lion plays ‘tug-of-war’ with safari jeep full of tourists, refuses to let go of tow rope



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