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“Central Sriracha”, a new landmark on the east coast

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Today, ‘shopping center’ is more than just a place for shopping. But it can be considered as an Experience Mall for people to live in a variety of ways. It is the ‘life center’ of the community for everyone to create experiences. Share similar lifestyles and likes. with a new lifestyle Increase options with a clear concept such as “Central Sriracha” The first largest and most complete mixed-use project in the East that will create the prototype of the first Eco-friendly Mall in the East. In the midst of Semi-outdoor atmosphere, close to nature and Pet-friendly to present the lifestyle of the future. With the concept of ‘The Innovation Oasis, the perfect model of a happy life’, the first of its kind in Sriracha. Meet every lifestyle, covering every community. including various activities in the daily life of the new generation with the most advanced co-working space

Central Sriracha, complete with 7 highlights, perfect happiness for Sriracha people

  1. Happy with the lifestyle of the future The prototype of a new shopping center of the future, the first Eco-Friendly Mall in the East. Caring for the environment from the start of the project construction with recycling piles, installing Recycle Station, EV Charging Station, Solar Battery Charger, encouraging shop use Bio-Degradable Packaging, E-Receipt, E-Menu to reduce the use of paper. For Energy Saving, an air conditioning system has been developed that reduces energy by 40%, installed a Solar Rooftop to reduce electricity consumption. including energy-saving design, such as the use of natural light in the center as much as possible, installing ceilings to reduce heat to the addition of green areas throughout the project
  2. Happy and delicious every day, unique with the best food destination in Sriracha, the first time of Tops Market (Premium), a glasshouse style that selects the best products for Sriracha people. including famous restaurants from Bangkok And Chonburi, more than 30 restaurants, and for the first time with ‘Food Park x Sriracha Sauce’, serving great dishes made from Sriracha sauce, only at Central Sriracha.
  3. Happy shopping Satisfied with more than 100 famous brands of fashion stores, a new zone where you can shop together for the whole family, ‘Playhouse’, answering every lifestyle of fashion lovers. Selected chic products gathered in one floor, ‘Design House’ gathers stylish home furnishings in one place, ‘Asian Village’ brings together famous brands from all over Asia in one place, Supersports, Powerbuy is also equipped with facilities and services such as banks, cinemas, Si Racha Cineplex, Kids Playground and Education Center.

4. Suklum likes Pet Lovers for the first time in a shopping center in Chonburi with Central Si Racha Pet Community, a community of animal lovers. that can bring a dog to make a Dog ID for free! And there’s a play area for your favorite pets at Pet Park, with a wide range of pet services and products.

5. Suklum Landmark takes great photos Like social media and content people with a photo corner that brings together local identity and pride and conveys it through the concept of ‘Si Racha’s Charm’ in a landmark design. Throughout the center, including Outdoor Signature named ‘Sriracha’, Si Racha Textile decorated with patterns. ‘Grandmother Thana Woven Cloth’, House of Carpenter, a relaxing place to sit, Tiger + Neko Sculpture

6. Suklum, the ultimate Co-working Space with Free Wi-fi throughout the center, the first of B2S Thinkspace themed Jungle Books and the most comprehensive and best Co-Working Space in Sriracha. Meet the new generation To create new ideas to expand the business, supporting the Start-Up Hackathon Showcase, Creative Forum

7. Happy creating local ideas Support local wisdom activities and extending ideas to sustainable community businesses By joining hands with well-known brands to create special collections that are only sold at Central Sriracha, in addition to collaborating with government sectors such as DASTA in organizing community handicraft events throughout the year, together with Phanat Nikhom community, making wrap tuk-tuks basketry and bring community basketry products to sell in the center

Ready to shop, clean, confident, safe as possible First time with the innovation of ‘Smart & Healthy Building’ at Central Sriracha upgrade air conditioning and air filtration systems to ensure the cleanest air circulating in the shopping center as much as possible. By installing a high quality air filter (MERV Filter) that helps filter dust particles up to 90%, install UVC Lamp, UV light at the central air conditioner. Reduce the spread of germs in air conditioning systems by up to 95% and install air quality monitoring systems at various points To measure the air quality inside the shopping center to ensure that it is always at a good level. To build confidence for all customers who come to use the service And the central measures are clean, confident SAFE PLUS+ employees have 100% vaccinated before opening the service.

Central Sriracha It is the 35th shopping center of Central Pattana. Located on Sukhumvit Road Main highway to the east and is the most complete and largest mixed-use project in the eastern region, consisting of the first semi-outdoor shopping center outside Bangkok, convention hall, hotel, serviced apartment and office buildings Can park 1,800 cars and more than 800 motorcycles, which will be the center of the destination lifestyle of the future. And the center of life (Center of Life) in a new era with all dimensions. Including recreational places and all types of activity centers that meet every lifestyle of the modern city of Sriracha.


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