Channel A’s ‘My Baby Like Gold’ Exposes Troubling Behavior of Second Grader

In Channel A’s ‘My Baby Like Gold’, Second Grader’s Unexpected Behavior Raises Concerns

Reported by Yoon Seong-yeol | August 31, 2023, 18:01

In Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Magu y dyjn hyn – my golden child’, a narrator expresses worry over the unusual behavior of a second grader in primary school. The episode, titled ‘Dr. Oh, is your second-grade son slow? Are you sick?’ sheds light on this story.

During the show, parents of fourth and second-grade siblings join the studio. The mother describes her child as gentle and affectionate from a young age, easily grasping concepts ahead of her peers. However, as she grows older, her sociability diminishes and she exhibits sudden and bewildering behavior. MC Oh Eun-young is approached with the frustration of not being able to pinpoint the root cause of these changes.

An attention-grabbing moment in the video shows the gold-toothed child accompanied by her parents visiting a reading and essay academy to assess her literacy skills. However, during the skill test, the child embarrassingly interrupts the teacher, complaining about bad breath. This unexpected action leaves the parents feeling ashamed and bewildered. Eventually, the test concludes, revealing that the gold-toothed child’s reading level is more than two years behind her peers, much to the mother’s distress.

Later that afternoon, the mother confides in her aunt about her concerns, expressing that she feels responsible for her child’s difficulties. Fighting back tears, she confesses, “I feel like I am causing more harm. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

The subsequent video segment features the gold-toothed child attending a kendo academy. The parents hoped to observe her progress, but she quickly exhibits unusual behavior. Crying inconsolably when another student sits in her chosen seat, she eventually stops when offered the front seat as a compromise. The child’s persistence continues as she demands a red sword for class and runs away in disdain when handed a blue one. Even at the Kids Café, she insists on sitting in the front row, disregarding the queue. Oh Eun-young, keenly observing the video, questions the cause of the child’s excessive obsession and repetitive behavior.

Meanwhile, while the mother is at work, her fourth-grade sister takes on the role of a surrogate parent during the holidays. Oh Eun-young, noting the older sister’s remarkably mature demeanor, advises that it’s crucial for the gold-toothed child to have age-appropriate experiences and reminds everyone that the primary caregiver is her sister, not her parents. The studio reportedly became emotional, witnessing the sister’s inner struggles that she couldn’t even share with her mother. The episode is set to air on September 1st at 8pm.

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Reporter Yoon Seong-yeol | 2023.08.31 18:01

/Picture = In Channel A’s ‘My Baby Like Gold’, a narrator appears who is worried about the unexpected behavior of a second grader in the primary school.

According to Channel A on the 30th, on the afternoon of September 1st, Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Magu y dyjn hyn – my golden child’, ‘Dr. Oh, is your second grade son slow? Are you sick?’ The story is revealed.

On this day, parents of 4th and 2nd grade siblings appear in the studio. My mother said she was gentle and lovable from birth, and picked up her gold teeth relatively easily at a young age. However, as she grew up, unlike her gentle nature, her sociability compared to her peers and her increasingly sudden behavior often caused her to come to MC Oh Eun-young with a frustrated heart because of us could find out the reason.

In the daily video, the appearance of a gold tooth, mother, and father visiting a reading and essay academy to check literacy skills draws attention. While the skill test is going on, the gold tooth suddenly distracts the teacher in embarrassment, saying, “Oh, bad breath. I can’t stand it anymore.”

Mom and Dad feel ashamed because of this sudden action of the gold tooth. After twists and turns, the test was over, and the shocking result was that the gold tooth’s reading level was more than two years behind that of her peers, the mother said she could not hide her upset heart.

That afternoon, when the mother returns home, she talks to her aunt and tells her how she feels. Finally the mother sheds tears, saying, “I think I’m destroying the child more. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

In the video that follows, the image of the gold tooth coming to a kendo academy is included. I wanted to see if the class was going smoothly, but soon the gold tooth was showing unusual behaviour. When another friend sits in the front seat he had chosen, he starts crying like a baby. In the end, the gold tooth stops crying after taking the front seat through a concession from a friend.

Gold’s persistence continues. When choosing a sword for class, he demands a red sword, and when handed a blue sword, he hides his face and runs away in disgust. Afterwards, even at Kids Café, he demands only the front row of the train, risking breaking the line. Oh Eun-young, who was watching the video carefully, diagnoses that the gold tooth shows some attitude. It raises questions about the cause of the excessive obsession and repetitive behavior of the gold tooth.

On the other hand, while the mother is away from home at work, the older sister from 4th grade takes care of the gold tooth as a mother during the holidays. Oh Eun-young, who has an overly mature appearance for a fourth grader in elementary school, advises that it’s important to have age-appropriate experiences, saying, “The girl is the gold tooth’s older sister elder, not her parents.” The studio is said to have become a sea of ​​tears because of the sister’s inner feelings, which she could not even tell her mother. Broadcast on September 1st at 8pm.

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