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Chong Kun Dang Health Promega launches ‘Altage Omega 3 Plus’

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Chong Kun Dang Health Promega introduced ‘Promega Altage Omega 3 Plus’, which is available exclusively for Coupang.

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The Promega Altage line has shown rapid sales growth since its launch, and it is a product lineup that has obtained the modifier of ‘two seconds omega 3’ based on sales in the first half of 2021.

The Promega Altage Omega 3 Plus, released on the 14th, is a new product of the Altage line, one of Promega’s representative lineups. It has a higher absorption rate than regular omega 3, minimizes fish odor due to enteric capsules, and has convenience with a smaller capsule size compared to our omega 3 products.

In particular, it contains 600 mg of omega 3 (fat and oil containing EPA and DHA), which can help improve blood circulation and blood triglycerides and help eye health. In addition, it meets 100% of the recommended daily amount of vitamin E required to protect cells from free radicals, and contains vitamins A and D, which can help bone health.

Chong Kun Dang Health Promega brand manager said, “Promega is planning to launch exclusively online products exclusively at Coupang, reflecting the needs of consumers who prefer fast delivery while the trend of untact consumption has been highlighted due to COVID-19.” We hope that it will be an opportunity for consumers to take better care of their blood circulation through the purchase of Promega Altage Omega 3 Plus.”

On the other hand, Promega Altage Omega 3 Plus is the only new product introduced only by Coupang, and it is available in two configurations: 1 month’s supply (520mg X 60 capsules) and 3 month’s supply (520mg X 60 capsules). The prices are 17,900 won and 47,900 won, respectively.


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