Chuwit: 10 years in the case of corruption, building a police station, the wrong person will disappear with time.

20 September 2022 “divine” Suthep Thaugsuban The former Deputy Prime Minister survived the trap for more than 10 years. The scandalous case of the period Join the auction to build 396 new shelters along with 5 other defendants, including Police Lieutenant General Patip Tanprasert Former Acting Commissioner of Police, Maj. Gen. Sajja Kochahiran, Police Lieutenant Colonel Suriya Chaengsuwan, PCC Development and Construction Company Limited a Wisanu Wisetsing Mr

It is a project from the state budget. Total damage value 5,848 million baht

after the judgment Chuwit Kamolvisit Mr A former member of the list of Thai Rak Party MPs Live broadcast coverage of the case that “Personally, I must congratulate that Mr. Suthep Keng the ability to fight. to make yourself pure Today this process is over. Mr. Suthep is going to play politics. to be a consultant or go to work for the people, apparently Mr Suthep can do it There is no fault left.

“So going to pay respects to Phra Phum Shrine, City Pillar Shrine or Wat Phra Kaew is the right thing to do. Mr Suthep has fought against the process. I didn’t think about escaping.”

Mr. Chuwit acknowledges that this matter is considered that the judicial process has already worked. This process is over.

“It’s a process that started when I was in opposition with the Democratic Party. Bring this matter to the discussion, Pol Capt. Chalerm Yubamrung, Deputy Prime Minister at that time. On that day, I did not mention Mr. Suthep and the Democratic Party at all. But because the construction of 396 shelters is a budget in the Thai Khem Khaeng project. who started the contract in 2009 and Mr Suthep was the person who signed to approve it. This is political. has to resurrect the promise that Mr. Suthep-sen is wrong. so there was a fight until the results appeared Personally, I must be proud too.”

But as the matter was brought to the council Mr Chuwit I admit that this issue has already caused damage. But still find the person responsible for the damage to the budget in this department. which is something everyone needs to know

Personally, I don’t really know who is to blame in this matter. It was only the opposition that day. They do not have an in-depth knowledge of the law. or that there is a duty to find the criminal Only that saw a damaged project The criminal must be there for sure.

but ask who and how He could only answer that You must be proud with Mr Suthep, flawless and he will call back that old credit No damage on corruption I have to admit personally

“But if you’re asking me about it, someone must be wrong. But who is beyond my wits to speculate, because I said 10 years later, everything would have been lost over time.” Mr Chuwit said

When asked if he was discouraged? Mr Chuwit Note that Thailand has many strange things.

“The strange thing I have been disappointed in. There are many wrongs. Many things said that gambling When I went to check it all disappeared There was no wrong person, I was not disappointed and discouraged. no more feelings Becoming a curly person without hurting I didn’t feel slapped in the face. I didn’t feel offended. Because of living in Thailand, one of the feelings one must have is having to be at the checkpoint, to endure it. “ Something Chuwit Mr

back to which “Source” of this case which was started in early 2009 in the era of the government Abhisit Vejjajiva which Suthep Thaugsuban Deputy First Minister in charge of police work Police Lieutenant Patcharawat Wongsuwan as commander-in-chief of the police, clearly stating that the auction must be distributed by region.

Then in the middle of 2009 there was a conflict between Lt Gen. Patcharawat and the government In addition, there was a crisis to appoint the Chief of Police to replace Pol Gen. Patcharawat, who will retire on September 30, 2009, by Mr. Abhisit pushed. Pol Gen Patip Tanprasert, “budget” but the board Most of the NCPO does not take it. most see Police Lieutenant General Jumpon Munmai a much more suitable investigative hand

Abhisit pushed and pushed Several meetings were unsuccessful. but instead he used a method for Pol Gen Patip to act in his place. He remained the commander-in-chief of the police force for almost a year.

During this period, the contract was changed to build a police station and police flat.

Until another 2 years, construction began. but in the end abandoned it became a station with poles intertwined with ivy or a brick wall but bare The police in 396 shelters in the project were released having to use the parking building, the canteen, and even the bathroom instead of working

until 2013 Chuwit Kamolvisit Mr Thailand’s Rak Party MPs no-confidence debate Police Captain Chalerm Yubamrung Deputy First Minister oversees police work by cutting out around 396 redundant police stations Make sure photo evidence is ready to shock the whole of society

before Tharit Pengdit Mr The Director General of DSI at that time came to investigate and summarize the evidence presented to NACC to take further action

Until 2013, there was a shutdown by a mob led by Mr Suthep. And there was a coup in May 2014, then this case seems to have disappeared.

Later, Mr. Suthep filed a lawsuit against Mr. Tharit. and Newspapers Sod-Matichon Defamation In the case of Mr Tharit a press conference summarizing the case 396 police stations

As of 29 March 2018, the court dismissed the lawsuit. He drew attention to the fact that Mr. Tharit made a statement according to his authority and that it was a case that was beneficial to the people. Tra Matichon – Fresh News Offer according to the facts in good faith

and in this defamation case the judgment drew attention to that Mr. Suthep has admitted that it was approved as proposed by the Royal Thai Police to change the contract believing that it was an act contrary to the Cabinet consensus and the regulations of the Prime Minister’s Office

As a result of the defamation case, the NACC had to choose the judgment. To be used when investigating cases of corruption in 396 police stations

Until finally, in 2019, on August 6, NACC issued a resolution pointing out the blame on the 396 police station project, with a unanimous decision pointing out the blame. Suthep, Mr There is a basis for an offense under the Criminal Code, Section 157

part Police Lieutenant Colonel Patip The offense was flagged under Section 157 and has grounds for disciplinary offences

At the same time, the NACC also highlighted the criminal and disciplinary grounds for the police in the bidding committee. Maj. Gen. Sajja Kochahiran a Police Lieutenant Colonel Suriya Chaengsuwan with criminal grounds Under the Offenses relating to Proposal to Government Agencies Act, BE 2552 and under Section 157 of the Criminal Code, and there are grounds for serious disciplinary offences.

part Police Colonel Jirawut Chanphen, Police Colonel Sutee Sothitat, Colonel Pichai Phimonsin, Colonel Nattadej Pongwarin a Colonel Nattachai Boonthawee There is a basis for a non-serious disciplinary offence.

while PCC Development and Construction Company Limited As a contractor by as a supporter of the crimes of government officials

consider a case and The NACC filed legal proceedings with the Criminal Division of the Supreme Court for Persons Holding Political Office.

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