CITIC Bank’s transfer of salary was collectively stolen?China CITIC Bank: Card number information was cracked by random malicious test-Free Finance

CITIC Bank’s transfer of salary was collectively stolen? CITIC Bank: Card number information was cracked by random malicious test (provided by CITIC Bank)

[Reporter Li Lianghui/Taipei Report]China Trust Bank is shocked to hear that the newly-applied Debit cards were stolen collectively due to the application of salary transfer. However, most of them were stolen for small amounts. In this regard, CITIC Bank stated that the case was an illegal person. Randomly maliciously tested customer card numbers, card validity dates and other information on the website to fraudulently use transactions. It may be that these customers happened to apply in the same batch, and the card numbers were similarly cracked one by one. Fortunately, the bank proactively detected the abnormality and notified the customer via SMS urgently. Let the stolen brush incident expand.

It is understood that the company that reported the incident of collective theft of payroll transfers was done many years ago. Employees have held CITIC Bank Debit cards for many years. Recently, CITIC Bank detected the consumption behavior of some cards. It is different from the previous consumption pattern of cardholders, so the cardholder is notified urgently by SMS. It is understood that about ten cards were stolen.

CITIC Bank emphasized that although it is a Debit card, the stolen funds are still subject to the “dispute account processing operation” in accordance with the specifications of the international credit card company. The Bank has actively assisted customers to replace new cards to protect customer rights.

China CITIC Bank urges that in order to ensure the security of customers’ card use, consumers should always pay attention to the bank’s consumption notifications, and check the monthly statements sent by the bank. If there is any unclear consumption, they should immediately respond to the bank. For unknown websites, links, and emails, do not easily log in or save personal and card number information. If you have a personal network account with a card number bound, you should change your password from time to time to ensure account data security.

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