Home News Court rejected police plea to cancel e bull jet brothers bail | Court rules e-Bulljet brothers’ bail cannot be revoked; The petition was dismissed

Court rejected police plea to cancel e bull jet brothers bail | Court rules e-Bulljet brothers’ bail cannot be revoked; The petition was dismissed

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Kannur: YouTube vloggers in the case of the destruction of public property in the RT office (Youtube Vloggers) E Bull Jet (E Bull Jet) Bail for brothers (Bail) Dismissed the petition for cancellation. Thalassery Sessions Court says bail cannot be revokedPolice) The petition filed was dismissed. The court ruling comes as a relief to the E-Bulljet brothers.

Kannur RT Libin and Ebin, two vloggers, were arrested by police for trespassing in the office and threatening officials. The two were released on bail the next day after spending one day in jail in the case. The police approached the court seeking cancellation of bail.

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In the petition, the police had alleged that Libin and Eb would be given the wrong message if they remained on bail and that they were suspected of having links with the cannabis smuggling gang. The police demanded that Eben and Libin be taken into custody and questioned.

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However, the respondent contended that the custody application was not filed and the case was fabricated. Libin and Eben told the court they were willing to pay the fine for the vehicle. Earlier, the court had twice adjourned the case.

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On August 9th, eBullJet YouTube channel vloggers Eben and Libin signed on to Kannur RT. Violence in office. The Department of Motor Vehicles has taken into custody and fined the E-Bull Jet Brothers’ Napoleon, a vehicle for illegally modifying the Tempo Traveler. Following this, they caused a commotion in the RTO office. The police then registered a case against the two and arrested them for obstructing official duties and destroying public property.

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Her fans were also present at the time of the incident. Gathered in the office. The two were later arrested by the police. Following this, the reactions of her fans on social media were also much discussed. Some have been charged with reacting indecently and threatening police.

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