Credit union, recruitment of first half internship program participants

Applications must be received by 18:00 on the 13th of the following month

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The Federation of Credit Unions announced on the 30th that it is recruiting participants for the credit union internship program in the first half of the year. The size of the recruitment is about 60 people from a total of 60 credit unions.

The credit union internship program is the first system implemented this year. It is expected to provide college students with various job experiences and employment support opportunities of financial cooperatives, and to inform the social roles and values ​​of cooperatives.

As for the recruitment method, the National Credit Cooperative Federation conducts document screening and publicity for credit unions (cooperatives) operating internship programs. The final successful applicants and the internship program are decided by the Recruitment Credit Union. The recruitment process proceeds in the order of ▲document screening and ▲interview screening, and participants perform various job experiences and tasks through the internship program prepared by each union.

In addition, interns who have completed the 8-week course from July 1 to August 31 will be given the benefit of exemption from the national credit union joint recruitment document screening. Various awards such as exemption from document screening by the Federation of Credit Unions and prizes will be offered to outstanding graduates.

You can apply for the internship program through the recruitment page from this day to the 13th of the following month at 18:00. ▲ The announcement of successful applicants for the document screening will be held on the 21st of next month. After that, after going through the final interview process for each credit union, 6 days later, the final successful candidates will be announced on the 27th.

Jinheung Lee, head of the business strategy team at the Korea Credit Union Federation, said, “We expect that talented people from all over the country will apply for an internship program that provides university students, who are the leaders of the future society, with experience and employment support in the credit union, a global financial cooperative.”

Detailed job information can be found in the recruitment notice on the Shinhyup website.

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