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Celebrating Mesut Ozil’s birthday with the blog title, “Today is Ozil’s birthday ~ ♪”, caused a little buzz like “Who is this girl?!” It’s 2016.

It’s been six years since I immediately asked for an interview and talked about my overflowing love for football.

Taking a break for about two years, he did a lot of football-related work during that time, and even appeared on the cover of the magazine, wrote the manuscript, and appeared in the video of “Soccer King”. We asked them to look back on six years of many changes.

Interview with Haruo Komatsu

―――It has been exactly six years since I interviewed you for the first time.

KageyamaThis was the first time I did a job by myself, and at the time, it was the first time I did a job by myself among the 1st generation Hiragana Keyaki. Amazing (laughs). I feel very nostalgic. What was the impetus for that?

A nostalgic cut from the first interview[写真]= Takehiko Noguchi

―――I saw your blog, and it became a hot topic on SNS, so I went to you.

KageyamaThank you That was the beginning for me. When the interview was decided, I was very happy, so I contacted my family immediately. After the article was uploaded, I even bragged about it to my friends (laughs). It’s been six years since then… I have a two year break in between, so it’s hard to say if it’s long or short. But there were football matches, the J.League, the World Cup… Looking back, I had many experiences. In the past, I was so nervous about every job until I finished it, but these days I can enjoy it.

I used to carry too much on my shoulders, and I thought too much that anyone who wants to cover football should know this much. But from there, I got used to the feeling of “saying what I like”, and I enjoyed watching football and started saying the fun things. If you can see past articles etc, I would like you to follow my growth.

―――I also saw “Self Documentary of Hinatazaka46” and the documentary film “Kibou to Zetsubou”. You mentioned the part where you carry too much on your back, but I think there is also part of Mr Kageyama’s personality. Have you changed much since then?

KageyamaHe is easy to sympathize with and has a high level of sympathy, so when I hear about the episodes and the agony of the players, there are parts that make me shudder. There were times when I was overwhelmed and lost my mind. But instead, I want people to be more interested in football by being interested in the brighter aspects of football and how it can be fun to see them enjoying themselves from the bottom of their hearts. I was wondering if it was a shortcut, based on my experience so far.

It’s my nature to be overwhelmed and feel too much responsibility, so on the contrary, I’m aware of not worrying too much about it and having fun. I also knew how to convey it, and I could pick out fun information. It’s not something that can be done suddenly, but I think I’ve gradually become able to convey it in a short period of time during live broadcasts and experience being an MC.

Also, in the planning video for the series “FIFA” (football game) in “Soccer King”, when I got a new player, I gave a quick response and conveyed information about the player. With a little comment or gesture, the fans remembered the player’s information. Through Miguri

he told me things like, “I remembered that player you mentioned in the game video.” It’s only a short time, but I’m amazingly interested in such trivial things, so I think I can get involved in different ways. When I realized that there are many ways to have fun, I thought that if I chose something fun without trying too hard, the circle would widen.

*Online Meet and Greet.Individual speaking session for Hinatazaka 46 CD buyers

[写真]Kageyama Yuuka

= Shinpei Kaneda

――Especially in the year or so since you came back, the number of jobs related to football has increased significantly. It started with DAZN, and now ABEMA is also doing it. I also took part in the J-League Awards and started working with the Japan Football Association (JFA). Why don’t you compare the figure you drew six years ago with today? I believe that many things have been completed and there is still more to do.Kageyama

I never dreamed that I, who was just a grass soccer girl, would be exchanging passes with Homare Sawa. Furthermore, it is a collaboration between the Japan Football Association and Disney. I had such a dream opportunity that I couldn’t even win the lottery. When it comes to football, I have never been very aware of steps and steps even in various positions. Originally, I put things in order and live with an awareness of the PDCA cycle, but when it comes to football, it’s just a hobby and part of my everyday life. Even after I started working with them, I didn’t think much about constructive methods and ways to deal with them. In other jobs, things like, “I have to do this more,” or, “Next time, I’ll have this, so I’ll prepare this way.” Please take care of me.” I am truly grateful for the relationship.

That’s why there are fresh surprises every time, and that’s why I think “I have to do my best”. As I was able to face each job, I was able to overcome each one as a new challenge, and I think I was appreciated for that. But, for example, I was so nervous that I couldn’t do anything in the J. The extent to which I was able to do what was required of me was different, and the feelings I felt were completely different. I’m not good at putting it into words, so I look back every time, digest it in myself, and try to improve what I couldn’t do. I feel that I have been able to grow as a person, not only in terms of how I see football and how to convey it. I feel that my various jobs have accumulated since I was in elementary school playing football with the boys six years ago, or when I was in the first year of junior high school when I qualified as a referee.

―――How much time do you spend on reflection and revision?Kageyama

Because I'm the type that drags a bit (laughs).  For example, the J League Awards dragged on for about a month, saying,

Kageyama Yuuka[写真]Mr. Kageyama when he appeared at the J League Awards in 2021


―――I think it’s hard to pick just one of the various football jobs you’ve done so far, but are there any people or events that left an impression on you?Kageyama

This is the first time for “FOOTBALL TIME” (DAZN). All Hinatazaka members knew about Atsuto Uchida, and when I first heard about it, I listened to it about four times (laughs). He was a player I looked up to, and I felt he was a real person. At first, I was shy too, and I think Uchida-san was like, “There’s an idol out there.”

Also, until then, I had talked about football in texts such as interviews, but my first experience was having to say about football in my own words, which would remain on video. I think I’ve improved a bit technically, and more than anything, I’ve gained confidence. More and more people are saying, “You’re the girl from ‘FOOTBALL’, aren’t you?” There are many. You have influenced me a lot.

Mr Uchida, Mr Akihiro Nomura, the MC, and the staff of “FOOTBALL TIME” gave me lots of compliments every time, and they took good care of me. I was told that it would be better to get experience in various places. Think of myself and face me. It was an encounter that changed my life.

―――Getting soccer fans to learn about Hinatazaka46 through Mr. Kageyama, and vice versa, getting Hinatazaka46 fans to learn about soccer through Mr. Kageyama, has been your goal for some time, but what? r response?Kageyama

In Hinatazaka46, I believe there are barriers to participation, but the number of people who say “I came to watch a football program” has increased, and there are many people who participated in Miguri for the first time. I am grateful to be here. .

I myself have met many people through football, and people got to know me through football. It makes me very happy and gives me the strength to work even harder. I think I have a role to connect Hinatazaka with football, and Hinatazaka with the outside world. The preparations are tough, and I still have a lot of mistakes, but I’ve been constantly doing activities that let me do the best I can, like football and quizzes. I wonder if it came out in a way that everyone could see.

But, more than anything, everyone gave me a reaction to the things I sent out and the programs I appeared on, and it was all because of that reaction. It is not natural that there are people who continue to support us without changing, and I feel strongly that it is a special thing when I work and when I slowly look back.

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