“Dad wrapped himself around his body and got shot, saving his two-year-old son”… Found at the scene of the tragedy

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The identities of all seven people killed in the indiscriminate massacre at the Independence Day Parade event in Highland Park, a suburb of Chicago, have been identified.

Chicago’s ABC reported on the 6th (local time) that the identity of the seventh person who died in the Highland Park massacre was revealed.

Edudo Ubaldo (69), a resident of the nearby city of Wikigan, previously disclosed the identities of the six people who died on the day of the shooting on the 5th.

He was shot in the head at the scene of the incident and was taken to the nearby Evanston Hospital, where he died at 7:50 a.m. that day. He attended a parade with his family every year on Independence Day.

Chicago’s ABC reported that the ages of the victims ranged from 33 to 88.

One of the dead, Nicolas Toleido, 78, was a Mexican immigrant who lived his life in Morelos, Mexico and then moved to the Chicago area where his children live.

While watching the parade, he was shot three times in a row and died on the spot.

Chicago’s ABC also introduced the story of a couple who suffered a catastrophe while taking their two-year-old son to the event venue.

Kevin McCarthy, 37, and Irina McCarthy, 35, are a couple living in Highland Park.

Their son, Aiden (2), was found wandering around the scene alone and was saddened.

Keven’s father-in-law Michael Leverg said at the time that his son-in-law was shot while holding his grandson in his arms.

Aiden support fund raising account opened on ‘Go Fund Me’ collected $2.4 million (3.1 billion won), five times the target of $500,000 (650 million won) in one day.

Other victims included Highland Park residents Katherine Goldstein (64), Jacqueline Sundigm (63) and Stephen Strauss (88).

The suspect, Robert Cremo III, 21, climbed onto the roof of a building near the parade site and opened fire with at least 70 guns. He disguised himself as a woman and fled the scene, but was arrested eight hours later.

Cremo was charged with seven counts of first-degree murder and was imprisoned without bail.

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