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Daily Horoscope for September 10, 2021 – Daily News

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solar September 10, 2021, 2021 lunar eclipse It falls on Friday, the 4th waxing moon of the 10th month, the year of the Ox, Trisok Chulachak 1383. rising sun Time 06.07 a.m.real noon at 12:15 p.m. sunset at 6:23 p.m. sunset at 9:20 p.m.

today Time 00.00-15.06 hrs. The 14th Auspicious Moon consists of Desatri of Auspicious or Vesiyo of Auspicious time. Desatri means crossing borders, meaning auspicious merchants crossing the border. Time 15.07-24.00 The 15th auspicious day consists of the auspicious goddess Devi means queen, meaning a woman who has high status and position, from 00.00-15.06 hrs. – Performing auspicious auspicious acts on the auspicious occasion of Thesatri Auspicious time 15.07-23.15 – performing various auspicious auspicious events On the Devi Ruek category from 23.16-24.00 – Do not do auspicious Auspicious direction – Southeast direction (Southeast) Umongkol-West direction (Northwest) Color of the day – blue, blue, lucky color – pink. Unlucky color – purple, tabaek flower, black, the zodiac sign of the stars – Virgo The zodiac sign of Kali – Taurus

born today boy Good appearance, flirtatious, fun-loving, talkative, intelligent, quick thinking. Likes to study liberal arts, honest, straightforward, believes and holds good in oneself, philanthropic, aspiring, knows to save Have a good job position The older you get, the better you have a lot of wealth. girl Good appearance, wit, stubbornness and decisiveness. From home, from the city, self-reliant, likes to study liberal arts have mercy Likes to work in banking Various companies, shops, singers, actors literary works entertainment The future is prosperous

born on sunday Rumors of a messy love affair began to fade. Distrust will be completely eliminated. Should bring lovers to reveal in society People who have families and can love each other well. Should improve the old job better than invest money in a new job or business that is uncertain. People who do not yet have a job will be able to do work that suits their maturity.

born on monday The old, unfinished work will be cleaned up. Old works and old ways should be preserved. Dare to pioneer and create something different from others. make success Adults and colleagues will be supportive. had the opportunity to study and train more, problems were solved will feel more comfortable

born on tuesday Finances should be economical and saving some will be good. Have the opportunity to find love that is suitable for them in many ways. People who have families will love each other well. You should be careful to maintain good health. Having a good plan and cooperation from colleagues, problems will be solved and have the opportunity to learn more.

born on wednesday Able to work well with others Able to solve specific problems What can be accomplished quickly? will receive a worthwhile return Opportunity to earn financial fortune in the type of interest, return, dividends and gambling. But finances are constantly changing. Servants line up well and offer support.

born on thursday There is diligence and earnestness in work. Work has improved in a better way. Able to solve immediate problems as well Loyalty to the organization will benefit your job duties in the long run. Opportunity to study strange academics to participate in charity events As for those who haven’t got a job, they’ll get a job that’s satisfying.

born on friday career advancement The work that has been done will receive benefits in return. But should be more careful about financial matters. because there are high expenses and there is a reason to need to spend but with knowledge talent and perseverance Therefore, success is not difficult. Able to resolve immediate problems within reasonable time

born on saturday Taking it too seriously can lead to tension. Therefore, they should be careful of their emotions. because there may be conflicts with colleagues or related persons following Being impulsive or self-deprecating, or getting angry often makes it easy to get into trouble with your coworkers. It should stand on the right principles and rationale.

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