Decision to Leave (2022) Film Review

A beautiful love that arises in different forms

in the midst of a fog-like atmosphere covering the eyes

… The moment you start saying you love me is the end of your love.

The time when your love ends is the beginning of my love…

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Decision to Leave in the Thai name that ‘Love’s murder behind it’ by a famous director Chan Wook Park Owner of many famous works such as The Handmaiden (2016), Thirst (2009), I’m a cyborg, but that’s okay (2006), Condolences to Lady Vengeance (2005), Old Boy (2003), Sympathy and Vengeance Mr (2002), Joint Security Area (2000) and is the winner of many awards at home and abroad. Including awards from the Cannes Film Festival many times which is the latest Best Director Award of this A Decision to Leave has also been nominated for an Oscar which will be announced in March 2023.

film under the name Chan Wook Park It’s definitely not common. If he can reach his motivation and uniqueness enjoying the content dimensions that are tight and strong and have been addicted to quality art Almost all of them will be Genre, cruel, depressing, stressful, vengeful , or leaves something to circulate in our brain for a few days until he himself gets used to changing his mood. Making a rom-com is one thing. I’m a cyborg, but that’s okay to give his daughter a chance to access some of his work Because he himself rarely has time for children. But seriously, it’s not a light rom-com at all^^

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as well as Decision to Leave This is a romance that goes beyond the ordinary to be Romance, neo-noir style He said he intended to make the film in an unobtrusive tone. But it is not to be silent from the limitation of the dialogue. In fact, this dialogue is even more intense. because he wants to replace the word ‘I love you’ with conveying that emotion more elaborately The pace of the story therefore tends to be Slow, gradually building the mood along with a light investigative case mystery solving story. It is amazing that the details of the dialogue, the images, and ‘the sound in Let’s keep all pills together until one watch round may not be able to collect all of them for sure.

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Hae Joon (played by Park Hae Il) A police detective who is seriously obsessed with his job. until he doubts that because work has made him suffer from severe insomnia. Or because insomnia made him work like crazy? (Referred to as the latter), he has the appearance of mild OCD who is obsessed with keeping every detail of the grain. must be perfectly organized Pay attention to remembering even numbers. He works in Busan. At the weekend, he went home to see his wife. Jung An (played by Lee Jung Hyun) who lived in a small town on the coast shrouded in fog The son stayed in the dormitory, obsessed with studying (Just like your father!)

Hae Joon and Junior Assistant Suwon (played by Go Kyung Pyo) into a mysterious death cause of Ki Do Soo (played by Yoo Seung Mok) An amateur climber who fell from a steep peak could be murder Hae Joon meets his deceased wife. Seorae (played by Tang Wei) at the age of the child He was a Chinese who fled to the country many years ago but was never returned. Because Ki Do Soo is an immigration officer. And another reason is to discover the honor of her ancestor who is a warrior of Korean patriotic blood.

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in the profession and job duties Hae Joon was especially suspicious of Seorae. Because she seemed suspicious during the questioning. And there is also some evidence that makes her suspicious. but mentally His obsession seems to be halfway between work and some personal feelings. morning watch watch And the treatment of her was too strange. until the subordinates are still suspicious That is a question that has been planted in the mind of the audience to think about and follow. Who knows what the outcome of the investigation will be? Will Seorae be guilty? And Hae Joon has a heart for Seo Rae, right?

Even if you already have the answer in your heart But what will happen in the rest of the story still makes us swing Rethink everything again in the mood that everything seems dark and ambiguous. (Thus, the Mist song in the story floats) Not sure what is real and what is fake. No more spoilers You have to go and see for yourself.

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At first glance, the episode may seem simple, but it has profound ingenuity. It seemed that there was nothing for each other. invites you to fall in love with It seemed soft, but the emotional mass was overwhelming. Combined with the power of the actors who present to each other very well. Send it to become a love movie in another form that is thrilling. Warm and lonely It gives a very fresh feeling like never before.

The advice for watching this is In order to enjoy the beauty that does not come with this sweetness, you have to use your mind to look at it slowly without hurry. and the old framework of the concept of ‘mass’ must be removed, set aside before every speech, every action conveys meaning and conveys all the connections Simplicity with a powerful story clearly reflected from the poster Even if you finish watching it, come back and look at the poster again. The more I feel the tone really controls the concept.

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Tang Wei role play ‘Sorrae’ is dimensional The image is honest and simple and the gray side has a hidden intention to look for. He can be a pathetic innocent alien. Korean weakness I don’t understand different cultures can be shown in a cute way. It’s a natural charm. or the charming charm that invites the cold Even communicates anger under a strong personality. Importantly, the author said that she is naturally beautiful and nice to look at.

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Hae Il Park It’s a really perfect cast because of this kind of emotional expression. Probably seen some of the past works. He conveyed his inner glamor through his eyes and in the midst of his simple gestures and words. It’s just another form of tsundere. natural fit In many scenes, he makes us smile and laugh. Park Hae Il is another actor who has a very deep and emotional eye.

There are also many supporting actors. Little by little, for example Park Yongwoo, Son Hyun Woo, Park Jung Min, Lee Hak Joo, Yoo Tae Oh, Choi Tae Hoon Kim Shin Young Go Min Si etc. who would like to give a Smart watch to be another main character and play an important role in the story

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Cinematography That is the heart of this film which cannot be mentioned at all. Beautiful, fresh, different, good setting, good soundtrack, weird soundtrack, not magical. (According to the way the person puts it) But get a lot of emotions, such as a sound squealing sound in the scene to win the mind The content of the chosen theme music is very good, and the content is played ‘fog’ with the city and Hae Joon’s blurry eyes The melody is beautiful and can match the character’s personality.

The work of the photo is the more you see strange shots. convey emotions and meanings well, such as expressing emotions ‘want’ To be realistic by imagining yourself to be in the frame of the event you are looking at and thinking. (until some viewers get confused) Overlaying two images or shots in the same frame gives a strange feeling ‘slam‘ goes with the main character’s humility as well. (Nothing has escaped the core concept. Clap your hands.)

Seriously, if giving a mount moi review this story can be very long, many pages. because of the teacher’s hand Chan Wook Park I have thought about it all. If we can read through what he will convey in every scene, every chapter. I think they will have fun discussing until the spoilers are gone. So, we have to go see it. This is another highly recommended item.


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