“Defeat the news”! So why didn’t the “King” visit the United Kingdom? the real queen elizabeth Attach the image of King George.

“Dr. Newydd” defeats “The Three Prophets with the Three Fingers” to report the news and answer the reason “King” did not visit The United Kingdom objected that Queen Elizabeth “Slim” had not attached the Rama V and Rama IX jewels , but attached a photo of King George “Pu-Miao” using “Penang” to ease nostalgia.

Very interesting, today (22 September 65) the METTAD Facebook page posted a message stating that “Sam Kler”

By sharing the Facebook page Suphanat Aphinyan of Dr. Suphanat Aphinyan or Dr. New, a researcher under the MAST Center Research Institute and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering, University of Arkansas, USA, states that

“When the three great prophets three fingers magnify the effect It’s time to give the final answer. Why didn’t he come? visit the United Kingdom To attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II ?

The distorted analysis of Uncle Surachai at the beginning Claiming that the King of Thailand was not invited to attend the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has shown humility and lack of maturity. very much

despite the fact that the UK Department of Foreign Affairs and Development or the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) has sent invitations to the embassies of countries around the world according to different levels of ties.

It seems that our Thailand was placed in the same invitational group as Bahrain, Bhutan, Cambodia, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Monaco, Morocco, Norway, Oman, Ga. Tar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates

Therefore, Uncle Surachai can be considered to have failed the exam in full. in terms of being an academic and a diplomat in the past Until he became just a person who can lie and manipulate randomly, not unlike Somsak Jeam who thinks on his own. and spread rumors of his imagination

As explained in the first article Countries where the head of state or supreme leader joins, the “most” are often colonized in the past or the current Commonwealth. including many European royal institutions that had kinship ties from the past

Although the group above is a large group But that is not all. The head of state who is a King can come alone or send an ambassador to join on his behalf.

Taking into account the conditions of the invitation comparison above Considering that Thailand has already complied with the framework of the invitation comparison. not a problem with the UK way in any way But there are groups of sick people who are still spreading fake news.

It does not take into account one of the most important factors. Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral was not free. but with world politics involved especially the war between Russia and Ukraine. Until the ban on Russia from the royal ceremonies

Therefore, the aspect of mourning the monarchy of Thailand, in the country and abroad, Therefore, the kindness of both extremes must be cherished. It is the source of various expressions within the country. but chooses to send ambassadors as representatives abroad

when Thailand was never colonized Therefore, it is not imposed by the customs that the Head of State should travel alone. when it is possible to choose You must choose the best balance point. Because the UK and Russia are very friendly and have a long standing relationship.

This event must be thanked to Somsak Jeam for helping to bring the original document for further dissemination. Uncle Surachai admitted that it was actually invited and Andrew made checks from many high-ranking ambassadors in the United Kingdom. then he clearly stated that the King of Thailand was indeed invited

leading to the final conclusion Why did His Highness express his condolences through different types of domestic ceremonies? and sending ambassadors to work on his behalf abroad All was to maintain a balance of friendship between Thailand and the United Kingdom. with the friendship between Thailand and Russia

because today is the United Nations (UN) World Day of Peace, which takes place on 21 September every year. Therefore, I would like to take this opportunity to show my respect to the genius of His Majesty King Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua. As the ultimate collaborator it was set right to be able to maintain a balance of friendship between Thailand and the United Kingdom and the friendship between Thailand and Russia this time suddenly.”

Pictured is Queen Elizabeth II with a brooch depicting King George.  Thanks for the info - photos from the Thai Political Facebook page.
Meanwhile, Thai political Facebook page Nai Kala posted a message stating that “It’s stingy 😂😂😂”

and sharing information from CatDumb, noting that

“Fake news! Queen Elizabeth did not wear Rama V and Rama IX brooches, but with the image of King George.

Now, many netizens are sharing the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II with messages saying something like, “His Royal Highnesses King Rama V and King Rama IX” are jewels in large numbers.

Most recently, Dr. Jesada Denduangboriban Came out to explain through the fan page Oh, like this by Ajarn Jet that’s

The above statement is not true.
In fact, he was wearing a brooch bearing the portrait of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. King George V and his father King George VI
Additionally, in Dr Jesada’s post, there is also a link to the original image. which when zooming in A picture of the brooch which is not actually the reign of King Rama 5 and King Rama IX
Pictured here: https://www.artsy.net/…/terry-oneill-hm-queen-elizabeth…
Compiled by #VegetarianMeow”

Equally interesting, “Poo”, Ms Yingluck Shinawatra, former Prime Minister, posted a picture with a message via Yingluck Shinawatra’s Facebook, stating that

“He came to Penang for the second time. after a long time Let’s find old memories with my brother. This city has changed a lot. Look at the atmosphere similar to Phuket, our country. I miss it. The food is similar. And what is even more strange is that the city often has photo spots along the walking paths or the shops for people to take pictures as memories. I want our tourist town to improve more in order to have more memorable places and take more impressive photos. When anyone goes to take a photo, people will think of it and remember it as PR. get in light Especially in the post-Covid era, people tend to follow social media trends to take pictures and register. And then my brother and I So I took the opportunity to go and find some old fashioned desserts that made me miss home a little. In the meantime, everyone, take care of your health. “

Of course, the interesting point lies in the attempts to create a news flow or news from the “controversial bipolar” who have different opinions on the subject of the Institute. until they get too big sometimes to the point of making news Creating fake news for followers or people to share in groups in the movement and expand political results.

make public People who do not understand the facts or information that is true, misleading, misunderstood, including heavy content can become a slave to the ideas of faith in the end

This is a disadvantage of online media or social media that count the days of news releases, fake news, rumors are increasing day by day. Especially rumors and news statements that “deliberately” cause an effect on the “target” that is difficult to verify information about what is true and what is false, until the news can sometimes be corrected , it has become “belief” in the general public.

Maybe for this reason? The more it creates news and news that distorts and hurts the organization. It gives more importance to the need to get “M.112” and it cannot be cancelled. A wise man understands what is necessary!?

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