Department of Medicine reveals progress in negotiating with Pfizer to import anti-Covid drugs

Department of Medicine reveals progress, anti-Covid drug “Pax Lovid” has signed a contract with Pfizer It is a non-disclosure document.

On November 6, 2021, the case of Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Post a message on Facebook stating that yesterday Pfizer just announced its success. In the development of a drug to treat COVID-19 called “Paxlovid” (Paxlovid) reduces hospitalization. and reduce mortality in high-risk patients which previously in England Recently announced the authorization of pills to treat COVID. Merck’s “molnupiravir”.

But than these drugs will start to come out to use Probably in the beginning of next year. which I have already emphasized with the Ministry of Public Health. that to expedite action immediately to order medicines from now will be the first queue as the news has already been presented

Most recently, Matichon reported that Dr. Somsak Ankasil was acting as Director-General of the Department of Medical Services. Referring to the progress in the procurement of anti-COVID-19 tablets, Paxlovid from Pfizer, said: The Department of Medicine has invited the company Pfizer. Thailand came to discuss together 2 months ago, where the company stated that We have to sign non-disclosure documents. (confidential disposal agreement), which we have already signed.

To the best of our knowledge, the company has not yet determined when it will register with the US Food and Drug Administration (US FDA), and has yet to provide specifics on its use, including. price to sell to us

Dr. Somsak also said that Paxlovid and molnupiravir acting on each Molnupiravir works similarly to favipiravir. (Favipiravir) that inhibits the replication of the virus from dividing. the paxlovid drug It works with another protease inhibitor, which may work with namol nupiravir.

“For those who are infected with Covid without symptoms or strong In principle, the drug should not be used. especially those who have been vaccinated against COVID because the symptoms are not severe Medicines also have pros and cons, so we have to look at the severity of the infected person. But the best way we should protect ourselves from infection. even after vaccination,” said Dr. Somsak.

For the trial, both antiviral drugs were used in people who were not vaccinated. not immune to disease The risk group is Elderly people have risk factors for the severity of the disease in one of them, therefore, people who are healthy and infected do not need medication.

“We are ready to import to use in Thailand. It is not expected that there will be any problems. But I don’t want to let us hope for medicine alone. Because getting vaccinated and protecting yourself well is the best thing,” said Dr. Somsak.


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