Deputy spokesman for the police confirmed that the staff at the Koh Chang-Koh Lan National Park were not sick with smallpox.

Therefore, people are asked not to trust such information. and ask for cooperation not to send or share such information on various social media channels and for people to receive information from the Department of Disease Control can be tracked on the website or call 1422 24 hours a day.

Furthermore, the conclusion of this story is false. It’s a news photo of the encounter.malaria at Koh Chang This disease is transmitted by monkeys and mosquitoes, not monkey pox at all.

The deputy spokesman for the Royal Thai Police added that fake news production create distorted news causing the country to be damaged, confused by the people The Computer Crimes Act, Section 14(2),(5) carries a penalty of imprisonment for not more than 5 years or a fine of not more than 100,000 baht, or both. and may be considered an offense under the Emergency Decree including other laws related The relevant authorities will continue to take serious and continuous legal action against all fake news producers and publishers.

However, if the people’s brothers and sisters found wrongdoing information Can report news via 5 channels, including website, Facebook ANTI-FAKE NEWS CENTER, Twitter @AFNCThailand, Line @antifakenewscenter, telephone channel GCC 1111 ext. 87 and hotline 1599 Anti-Fake News Center National Police Agency”

The deputy spokesman for the police reiterated that after spreading, they found that the Koh Chang-Koh Lan park officials were ill with smallpox.  The vector is the Anopheles mosquito.