Doosan manager Kim Tae-hyung before contract expires “Directors don’t move with money”

Doosan coach Taehyung Kim watching the game

picture explanationDoosan coach Taehyung Kim watching the game

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Doosan Bears professional baseball manager Kim Tae-hyeong opened up about the transfer rumors surrounding him.

Coach Kim said, “I will lead the team well until the end of the season,” said a reporter who said, ‘It seems you are having an unfamiliar time lately’ before the away game against the NC Dinos of the KBO League. at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 20th.

He continued, “We don’t have any specific plans yet, but it seems a lot of people are talking about people standing still.”

He also raised his voice, saying, “The manager doesn’t move with money. It’s pride. It takes a specific warning from the club to move.”

Although the possibility of qualifying for the postseason is slim, it is read as something that means he will lead the team as usual regardless of whether to renew his contract.

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Coach Taehyung Kim watching the game

picture explanationCoach Taehyung Kim watching the game

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Manager Kim Tae-hyung, who took over as Doosan’s head coach in 2015, led the team to the Korea Series for seven consecutive years and rose to the top of the list.

In 2019, manager Kim renewed his contract with Doosan for 3 years and earned 2.8 billion, the highest amount in the history of the KBO league.

However, Doosan could not overcome the power shortage this season and dropped to 9th place.

With the prospect of entering fall baseball all but gone, much attention is focused on the future destination of coach Kim Tae-hyung, whose contract with Doosan is expiring.

However, director Kim Tae-hyung did not hide his discomfort with this opinion.

Coach Kim said, “After the season is over, I’m working on (the team’s) ideas.” “There are coaches who live with me now. You have to think about the coaches’ thoughts too. I hope there are unconfirmed stories don’t come out.”


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