Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios will officiate at St Mary’s Parish, Linden

Linden (New Jersey) ∙ Eastern Kandanad Bhadrashana of the Malankara Abhiwandya Syriac Orthodox Church Dr. Thomas Mar Athanasios Metropolitan will preside over Holy Week services at St. Mary’s Orthodox Parish in Linden. Holy Week, or Hasha Week, is the last week of the Great Lent of the Orthodox Church. Beginning with Oshana Sunday, to commemorate Jesus’ triumphant entry into the Temple of Jerusalem, Hasha services end on Resurrection Day, followed by Passover, the Last Supper, the washing of the disciples’ feet, and the crucifixion.

Abhivandya Mar Athanasios will lead the Lent retreat on Saturday 1st April starting at 4.30pm. An evening prayer will also be held at 6:30pm on that day. Funeral services will begin at 8 am on April 2 with Morning Prayer, followed by Holy Communion.

Easter services will begin on Wednesday, April 5 at 6:30 pm Abhivandya Thirumeni will lead the foot washing service on Thursday 6th April at 5.30 pm. Good Friday services will begin at 8:30 am on Friday, April 7. His Holiness will preside at Holy Mass at 10:00 am on the sad Saturday morning. Easter Sunday services to commemorate the resurrection on the third day after the crucifixion will begin at 8am on Sunday, April 9.

The church in Malankara was founded in 52 AD by St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. St. Mary’s Linden Orthodox Parish is one of the parishes under the Northeast American Board of the Malankara Syriac Orthodox Church. Father is The current parish priest is Sunny Joseph.

For more information contact Binu Samuel, Secretary (Tel: 646.210.2161) or Binu Joseph, Treasurer (Tel: 201.539.0760).


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