Drop the lightning The hero pulls in the middle of the hoof. make a team Finally, plug the main character, Jor., in instead

Acting like he was loud until the team was fed up The latest bulk seeing that he would change the main character, father, even though he himself used to act unattractive Instead of getting a chance, he will get better. #I’m complaining. #Ipimia Lawyer James”

Latest today (March 22, 2023), the famous page has further updated that Now that main character has been successfully replaced. By stating such a message that “So what was I thinking.. It’s also true!! The main character who is taken in the middle of the movie filming set until the team is confused whether this is a paranormal thing or a lack of things Recently, I was released!!

At that time, I thought I was sick and took me to the doctor, but I didn’t go.. Finally.. Oh!! Some bulk, some late, but the team doesn’t mind. Because I’m thinking of being released, father!! Ouch!! Finally got the main character of the province to plug in to play the movie instead, even if Luke didn’t give it, but Heejai fights and saw that the sacrifice would soon be opened , pin it and wait!

As for the Ecrok, he gave him the chance and he didn’t take it, but then..he was fired and released again. Credit to don’t have to stand in the industry, #Ipimia Lawyer James” joked with the said post being shared. causing many netizens to speculate each other


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