Drug hunt continues in Saudi Arabia; Many arrested include foreigners by the police

Riyadh: Many people, including foreigners, have been arrested in different parts of Saudi Arabia. Drug trafficking was caught yesterday through border checkpoints and Jeddah and Riyadh airports. Apart from this, those who sold drugs have also been arrested. Officials said that strict action will be taken against the culprits.

Most of the people were caught smuggling drugs into Saudi Arabia through the borders of the United Arab Emirates, Oman and Yemen and through the airports of Jeddah and Riyadh. Along with the drunken foreigners, local youths who came to fetch them have also been caught by the police. The last day alone, more than 600 kg of drugs were seized from different parts of the country.

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Four people who received narcotics in Saudi Arabia and a citizen from Yemen who smuggled 441.5 kg of narcotics into the country were arrested in Faifa, Jizan province. Six kilos of drugs were seized from the passenger who arrived at Riyadh Airport and five kilos of drugs were seized from the passenger who arrived at Jeddah Airport.

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A Pakistani national who was distributing drugs to the needy in Saudi Arabia was also arrested. One of the officers, pretending to be a user, approached him and demanded drugs. Then the officers would have arrested the young man who came here with a car. During the search of his home, more drugs were found. The Zakat Tax and Customs Authority seized 147 kg of narcotics in two incidents where it tried to smuggle them through the Rubulkhali border post on the Saudi-Oman border.


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