England, the United States both advance to the round of 16 of the World Cup

(Central News Agency, Duha, 29th, comprehensive foreign news report) The third round of Group B of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar debuted today. The “Three Lions” of England scored two goals in the second half with the striker Rashford and scored 3-0. Instead of the “brother team” Wells, the United States relied on the forward Prisich to score a goal in the first half, narrowly beating Iran 1-0, and both progressed to the top 16 of the World Cup.

England and Wales staged the first game of the World Cup, and neither side scored in the first half.

England striker Marcus Rashford scored the first goal in the 50th minute. Forward Phil Foden scored another goal in the 51st minute. Rushford scored another goal in the 68th minute.

England and Wales are situated in the world’s oldest football region, and Wales have not won against England for 38 years, although Wales did not win when the two armies met in the UEFA Nations League in 2016. At one point there was Sri Lanka lead England, but in the end they still lost 1-2. The last time they won was 1984.

The United States faced off against Iran again after 24 years. The 24-year-old “Captain America” ​​forward Christian Pulisic scored the first goal in the 38th minute, winning for the United States and revenge the 24 years ago.

The last time the United States and Iran, geopolitical rivals, played against each other in the World Cup was in 1998, when Iran beat the United States 2-1. The politically charged World Cup was dubbed “the mother of all football games”.

The 32 teams in the World Cup will be divided into 8 groups, and each group will play a group round robin. The top 2 teams in each group will progress to the round of 16.

England is first in Group B with 2 wins and 1 and 7 points, the United States is second with 1 win and 2 and 5 points, Iran is third with 1 win and 2 losses and 3 points, Wales has 2 losses and 1 point and 1 Bottom point.

The third round of the Group A group stage of the World Cup also concluded earlier today. The traditional European football powerhouse, the Netherlands “Oranje”, defeated the landlord Qatar 2-0, and advanced to the top 16 in Group A with 2 wins, 1 score and 7 points. African champion Senegal defeated South American powerhouse Ecuador 2-1, also scored 6 points with 2 wins and 1 loss in Group A, and broke into the last 16 with 2 points.

The round of 16 in the Netherlands will begin at 11:00 pm Taiwan time on December 3, facing the United States, the second team in Group B. The round of 16 in Senegal will begin at 3 am on December 5 , Taiwan time, and will face England, the first team in the group stage of Group B. (Translator: Chen Zhengyi) 1111130

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