Enjoyed Blizzard Diablo 4 with Intel Core i5 13400F, ARC A750 / A770 > Review

Blizzard’s Diablo 4, which is currently in early access, uploads a significant amount of content that can be flooded onto YouTube for those who are even slightly interested in the game. The uploaded content itself is also quite extensive, and has various playable jobs (classes) and even the advantage of being able to make a completely different character through the tech tree even though the one class. There are even YouTubers who have finished the story to the end of 4, so you can even watch high level trailers shown in the middle of the game beforehand without actually playing the game.

▲ Blizzard Diablo 4 Early Access Schedule

▲ Blizzard Diablo 4 event set in Ximen, Taipei, Taiwan

It seems that more gamers will be able to enjoy Diablo 4 , since even the buyers of the regular version, sold at the lowest price, will be able to play it from June 6, when it will be officially released after the early access that has been going. on so far. In particular, as explained earlier, you can easily access a large amount of YouTube content, so you will be able to develop your own character faster and more powerfully.

▲ Blizzard Diablo 4 official release schedule by world

Intel Core i5 13400F, graphics card ARC A750 8GB / A770 16GB

▲ Intel Core i5-13th Generation 13400F (Raptor Lake) Authentic brief specifications: Intel (Socket 1700) / 10nm (Intel 7) / 6 + 4 cores / 12 + 4 threads / Base clock: 2.5GHz / Maximum clock: 4.6GHz / L2 Cache: 9.5MB / L3 Cache: 20MB / PBP/MTP: 65 ~ 148W / PCIe5.0, 4.0 / Memory Specifications: DDR5, DDR4 / 4800, 3200MHz / Built-in Graphics: Not installed / Technical Support: Hyper-Threading / Cooler: Intel Basic cooler included / Launch price: $196 (excl. VAT)

▲ Intel Arc A770 Limited Edition D6 16GB Fast Specifications: A770 / 6nm / Base Clock: 2100MHz / Stream Processor: 4096 / PCIe4.0x16 / GDDR6 (DDR6) / Output: HDMI2.1, DP1.4 / Additional Features: 8K Support 4K, HDR support / Power consumption: Max 225W / Power port: 6-pin x1 + 8-pin x1 / 2 fans / Width (length): 270mm / Thickness: 35mm / Backplate / LED light / Xe Core: 32, XMX 512 machines

▲ Intel Arc A750 Limited Edition D6 8GB Brief specifications: A750 / 6nm / base clock: 2050MHz / Stream processor: 3584 / PCIe4.0x16 / GDDR6 (DDR6) / Output: HDMI2.1, DP1.4 / Additional function: 8K Support, 4K support, HDR support / Power consumption: Max 225W / Power port: 6-pin x1 + 8-pin x1 / 2 fans / Width (length): 270mm / Thickness: 35mm / Backplate / Xe core: 28, 448 XMX engine

In the Diablo 4 article hosted in Brainbox, a graphics card with at least a 6-core processor and 8GB or more graphics card memory was recommended at the moment, but if we assume that a gaming system is completely built with the manufacturer in lonely Intel, In this way, one processor can be considered as a combination of two graphics cards. And the part that can get a little more merit is that, in the case of the Arc A770 Limited Edition, it has 16G of graphics card memory, so you can expect a slightly better frame rate even at 4K resolution beyond QHD.

Well, today, let’s take a quick look at what the Diablo 4 frame shows at FHD resolution after putting full (very high) options in these two combinations. The system specifications used for this test are as follows.

● Processor: Intel Core i5 13400F

● Graphics Card: Intel ARC A750 Limited Edition 8GB / Intel ARC A770 Limited Edition 16GB

● Motherboard: ASRock B660 Wi-Fi – Swin

● Memory : Teamgroup T-FORCE DDR5-5600 16GB x2

● Storage: SK Hynix P41 Platinum Gen4 x4 1TB

● Power: Micronics Classic 2 Fully Modular 1050W

● OS: Microsoft Windows 11 22H2

Diablo 4 quality options

▲ Default Diablo 4 Quality Options: Very High / Intel XeSS – None, High Performance, Performance, Quality, High Quality

▲ FHD resolution / Very high option / DLSS 2.0 not provided / XeSS not provided – the higher the better

▲ FHD Resolution / Very High Option / DLSS 2.0 High Performance / XeSS Performance – The higher the better

▲ FHD Resolution / Very High Option / DLSS 2.0 / Balanced XeSS – the higher the better

▲ FHD Resolution / Very High Option / DLSS 2.0 / XeSS Quality – The higher the better

▲ FHD Resolution / Very High Option / DLSS 2.0 / XeSS High Quality – The higher the better

Diablo 4 that can be enjoyed enough with an Intel processor and a graphics card

First of all, even after talking about the Core i5 13400F processor, which is an Intel processor, the Arc A750 and A770 itself can choose an option similar to Radeon graphics card FSR based on this Diablo 4 option, and the improvement performance could be expected accordingly. Although AMD and Intel use different names, the position of Blizzard, a game company, seems to be that they are strictly based on one graphics card.

As a result, the Core i5 13400F processor and the Arc A750 and A770 were able to enjoy the game play without any difficulty in FHD on the overall resolution that was most enjoyed in the “Very High” option. If you need a high frame rate here, if you choose the high performance option or performance in the general option, you can achieve about 10 to 20 frames more comfortably. And in addition, this part may also be expected to slightly improve the frame rate with the driver improvement Please note that this part will check the performance of Intel’s latest driver once again in the upcoming ASRock Arc A770 8GB review soon..

At Computex 2033 in Taiwan, most motherboard manufacturers displayed and demonstrated Intel’s entry-level graphics card, the ARC A380. It seems that it will complete the list of graphics cards. The current graphics card market is in a rather dark situation, and I wonder if it will be a new fun factor to look at the graphics card market to slowly watch how the Intel Arc series will break through this difficult market.