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Prime Minister Kishida held a press conference in New York during his visit, and announced that he would start on October 11th the “Event Wari” event calling stimulus measure that replaces the GoTo event.

“Event Discount” is a measure to stimulate demand for events such as movies, live concerts, and sports event tickets, etc. with a 20% discount (up to 2,000 yen). Initially, it was called Event Waku Waku Wari, but “Event Wari” became the official name.

We will explain the details such as the discount rate, date, application method, accommodation period, discount target, etc. of the “event discount” which was initially announced on October 11th.

What is an “event discount”?

An event discount is a measure to stimulate demand for events that offers a 20% discount (up to 2,000 yen) on tickets for events such as movies, live concerts, and sports viewing.

Eligible events include admission tickets to films, live concerts, sporting events, theme parks, plays, art galleries, museums, aquariums and zoos.

To use the event discount, purchase a ticket that qualifies for the event discount from a registered ticket seller.

“Event reduction” action period.

“Event discount” will start from October 11, 2022.

“Event discount” target person.

The target audience for the event discount is all citizens.

Terms of use “event discount”.

Users are required to obtain a vaccination certificate or a negative certificate of PCR test, antigen quantitative test (sample collection date + 3 days), antigen qualitative test (sample re-collection date + 1 day).

Overview of “Event Discount”

The name of the campaign event discount
cut amount (1) Event ticket discount
20% discount (up to 2,000 yen)
Additional conditions National People
date of event October 11, 2022 ~
Notes ・ Ticket purchases at flea market sites are not eligible.
・ Corporate purchases are not allowed.
・ Up to 5 tickets per purchase.
・ Purchases by groups of more than 5 people are not eligible.

Target event of “event reduction”

From the official “Discount Event” website.

“Discount Event” covers a wide range of events, including movies, live concerts, sports viewing, theme parks, plays, art galleries, museums, aquariums, zoos, and tickets for traditional performing arts.

As for music events, as long as they are hosted by domestic companies, live events by foreign artists are also eligible, as well as online distribution events (live events without an audience) and fan club live events.

In addition, tickets with discounts such as student discounts, senior discounts, ladies days, movie days, and couples discounts are also eligible for event discounts. In that case, the “event discount” discount will be applied in addition to these discounts, so you can enjoy it even more.

How to book an “Event Discount”

Vaccination etc. Vaccination etc.

Take a vaccination certificate or PCR test. Must be submitted by all users. Children under the age of 12 do not need to be tested if they are accompanied by a guardian such as a parent who lives with them.

Book an eligible ticket Book an eligible ticket

Buy a ticket sold by a target “event discount” business operator. There is a maximum of 5 tickets per purchase.

Presentation of vaccination certificate, etc. Presentation of vaccination certificate, etc.

Submit a vaccination certificate or a negative certificate such as a PCR test. Please contact the organizer regarding the presence or absence of identity verification at the time of entry.

What is the difference between a “Drop Event” and a “GoTo Event”?

“GoTo Event Campaign” (hereinafter referred to as “GoTo Event”) is a 20% discount or coupon for event tickets such as movies, live performances and sports games sold by target ticketing companies, etc. up to 2,000 yen. measure to stimulate demand for events supported by.

The “GoTo Event” was held in 2020 as one of the “GoTo Campaigns”, but ended due to the spread of the new coronavirus.

The “Discount Event” is a successor campaign to the “GoTo Event” and is a measure to stimulate demand for events by offering a 20% discount on event ticket prices up to 2,000 yen. It was originally called “Event Wakuwaku Wari”, but “Event Wari” became the official name.

The “GoTo Event” was a campaign where you could get a 20% discount on the ticket price or coupons and points equivalent to 20% of the ticket price, but with the “GoTo Event”, only a 20% discount per you can have it.

Summary of changes to “Discount Event” and “GoTo Event”

The name of the campaign GoTo Event event discount
cut amount event ticket discount
・ 20% discount (up to 2,000 yen)
・ Coupon equivalent to 20% of the ticket price
event ticket discount
・ 20% discount (up to 2,000 yen)
place of residence National People National People
Period of operation ~ December 31, 2020 October 11, 2022 ~
Control of infectious diseases don’t want ・ Negative test such as vaccination or PCR test

Target event “GoTo event”.

In the “GoTo Event”, tickets were sold for “GoTo Events” such as USJ (Universal Studios Japan), “Sanrio Puroland”, “Fuji-Q Highland” and “Huis Ten Bosch”. It can be said that there is a high possibility that a similar plan will be sold at an “event discount”.

See below for the target events of the “GoTo Event” held in 2020.

Theme parks like USJ

Target event Discount details
Universal Studios Japan (Osaka) 1-Day Studio Pass
・ Adult: 6,720 yen (normally 8,400 yen)
・Elementary school students and younger: 4,560 yen (normally 5,700 yen)
Sanrio Puroland (Tokyo) Sanripuroland 1 day pass
・ Adult: 3,040 yen (normally 3,800 yen)
・ Child: 2,160 yen (normally 2,700 yen)
Fuji-Q Highlands (Yamanashi) Free ticket (all-you-can-ride attractions for one day)
・ Adult: 4,960 yen (normally 6,200 yen)
・Junior high school students: 4,560 yen (normally 5,700 yen)
・Elementary school students: 3,600 yen (normally 4,500 yen)
・Infants: 1,680 yen (normally 2,100 yen)
・ Advanced: 1,680 yen (normally 2,100 yen)
Huis Ten Bosch (Nagasaki) 1 day passport
・ Adult: 5,600 yen (normally 7,000 yen)
Tokyo Disney Resort (Chiba) No action

Tokyo Tower/Sky Tree

Target event Discount details
Main deck of Tokyo Tower Tokyo Tower WEB Ticket
・ Adult: 960 yen (usually 1,200 yen)
・High school students: 800 yen (usually 1,000 yen)
・Elementary high school students and younger: 560 yen (normally 700 yen)
・Preschool children (age 4 and older): 400 yen (usually 500 yen)
Tokyo Sky Tree Date Specific Weekday Admission Ticket (Tenbo Deck)
・ Adult: 1,440 yen (usually 1,800 yen)
・ Thursday: 1,120 yen (usually 1,400 yen)
・ Child: 680 yen (usually 850 yen)


Target event Discount details
Shiki Theater Company Aladdin Tokyo Performance (adult)
・ S seat: 9,680 yen (normally 12,100 yen)
・ Seat: 7,040 yen (normally 8,800 yen)
・B seat: 5,280 yen (normally 6,600 yen)
・Seat C: 2,640 yen (normally 3,300 yen)
Kabukiza Kotobuki In the case of grand kabuki early spring (adult)
・1st floor box seat: 14,000 yen (usually 16,000 yen)
・1st class: 13,000 yen (usually 15,000 yen)
・ Second class: 9,000 yen (normally 11,000 yen)
・ Class 3 A seat: 4,000 yen (normally 5,000 yen)
・3rd class B: 2,400 yen (normally 3,000 yen)
Osaka Shochikuza Spring dance review (adult)
・1st class: 6,800 yen (usually 8,500 yen)
・ Second class: 3,600 yen (normally 4,500 yen)

The Future of Prefectural Discount, National Travel Assistance, and GoTo Travel

Summary of measures to support tourism in the future

[1]Prefectural Discount
The closing date has been extended from the end of September to the closing date of October 10
[2]Nationwide travel support
Due to the reduction in the number of infected people, it will start on October 11th
[3]Go Travel
Date not decided

The “Kenminwari”, which saves up to 7,000 yen on travel costs, has been extended from the end of September to October 10th (for checkout on October 11th).

After the end of the “Prefectural Discount”, the “National Travel Assistance” (National Travel Discount), which saves up to 11,000 yen on travel costs, will be held between October 11th and the end of December.


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