Fallen Dynasty’ is releasing a console limited trial version

The new action RPG ‘Warryong: Fallen Dynasty’, to be presented by Team Ninja under Koei Tecmo, has started distributing the first test version of the game for the current generation of console version users.

‘Warryong: Fallen Dynasty’ began a distribution schedule for the trial version for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S users on the 16th. At the time of the official release of the game, the game will also be presented on the previous generation console and PC, but this test version is characterized by testing only for current generation console users.
In the game, you can experience some of the content ahead of time, such as character creation and tutorials, and the first stage of the game. In addition, as the historical background of ‘Warryong: Fallen Dynasty’ depicts the late Han period of China, which is famous for ‘The Three Kingdoms’, you can meet ‘Zhang Liang’, the military commander of the Yellow Emperor, as the final boss from the trial version.

Meanwhile, the trial version distribution period of ‘Warryong: Fallen Dynasty’ is from September 16th to the 25th, and you can only play the game during the trial version distribution period. Users who have successfully cleared the trial version will get the in-game item ‘Helm of the War Dragon’ after the official release.

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