Feibo’s 20 Years of Dance Creation Highlights Becomes the First Chief Choreographer of Chinese Ballet_Central Ballet_Performance_Works

Original title: Feibo’s 20-year dance creation special collection highlights the first chief choreographer of the Chinese Ballet

“Hamlet” stills photo courtesy of the National Ballet of China

China News Service, Beijing, July 6th (Reporter Ying Ni) “Where My Heart Goes – 20 Years of Feibo’s Dance Creation” was staged at Beijing Tianqiao Theater on the evening of the 5th. This is the first time for the “Twenty Years” series of the Central Ballet. A special performance by creative talents. At the same time, Fei Bo also became the first chief choreographer in the history of China Babas.

The Chinese Ballet took part in the performance with a strong lineup of all the chiefs. Zhang Jian, Wang Qimin, Ma Xiaodong and Qiu Yunting all took the stage to perform 9 wonderful works created by Fei Bo in different periods.

Stills from “Confucius 2012”, photo courtesy of the National Ballet

In the first half, the medium-sized work “Hamlet”, which was born in the “Ballet Creative Workshop” of the Chinese Ballet in 2014, was performed. On the stage composed of layers of curtains, the stage was presented in a very retro style to pay tribute to the great literary classics. In the second half of the performance, the best excerpts from many classical dance dramas such as “Dunhuang”, “Peony Pavilion” and “Yesterday Eternal” as well as modern and contemporary works were used to show Fei Bo’s exploration of looking back at the millennium history from a contemporary perspective, paying tribute to Chinese civilization, as well as his exploration of Delicate reflections on the true feelings of current life.

Photo courtesy of the Central Ballet of “The Peony Pavilion”

At the end of the performance, a “Flying Against the Wind” with the theme of fighting the epidemic pushed the atmosphere of the whole party to a climax, highlighting the expression of ballet art for the times and current life.

It is worth mentioning that Fei Bo was specially hired as the chief choreographer by the Ballet of China that night, the first chief choreographer in the history of the Ballet of China. Feng Ying, the head of China National Ballet, personally handed the letter of appointment to Fei Bo and encouraged him, “20 years means just the beginning for a choreographer. I hope you will continue to work hard. Create more and better works for China Ballet this year!”

Fei Bo said excitedly, “To be able to present my 20 years in China Bazaar in the form of such a party, I am very excited to stand here at this moment. Behind me are the excellent actors and technical team of China Bazaar. In front of me are leaders at all levels and senior artists who have laid the foundation, created conditions, and supported talents for the new generation of CBA creators, my mentors, close friends, and every audience friend who has always helped and encouraged me. Without you, there would be no continuous exploration by me and the many young creators of China Bazaar standing on the shoulders of giants.”

Photo courtesy of the curtain call Central Ballet

At the end of the curtain call, Fei Bo came to the auditorium to present flowers and hugs to his teacher Wang Mei and the head of the Chinese Ballet Feng Ying.

It is reported that the performance will be staged until July 6. (Finish)Return to Sohu, see more


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