Largan regained the throne of stock king and reviewed the road of stock king

▲Da Liguang returned to the throne of stock king and reviewed the road of stock king, which was once legendary. The picture shows CEO Lin Enping. (Picture / NOWnews profile photo)

Before the stock split of the stock king Sili-KY, yesterday (5) was the last trading day, so today (6) the new stock king battle was launched. In the early trading, Largan returned to the throne of the stock king, and IC design Xinhua was the stock queen. , the intraday came to 1735 yuan and 1620 yuan respectively. Looking back on Largan’s road to the stock king, it was once legendary. In 2011, it stood at a thousand yuan for the first time and became the stock king. In 2017, it broke through 4,000 yuan, 5,000 yuan and 6,000 yuan all the way. People are also related to the overall environment.

Silicon Power-KY changed the stock denomination, split the stock into four, and reduced the denomination from 10 yuan to 2.5 yuan. Yesterday was the last trading day before the split, and it will be re-listed on July 13. The outside world is hotly discussing that the new stock king may be Largan, and Xin Hua is closely following. Today, Largan Disc fell 1.4% to around 1735, while Xinhua fell 4.7% to 1620 yuan. Da Liguang returned to glory and regained the throne of the stock king, and Xin Hua was the stock queen.

Looking back on Largan’s road to becoming a stock king, Largan stood for the first time in 2011 with a thousand yuan to become a stock king, and then sat firmly on the throne of the stock king, and repeatedly passed the test. In April 2014, it stood at 2,000 yuan, and broke through in April 2015. 3,000 yuan mark, in January 2017, it stood at 4,000 yuan. In less than half a year, it stood at 5,000 yuan at the end of April. At the end of August of the same year, it exceeded 6,000 yuan. The highest intraday price reached 6,075 yuan, which is equivalent to buying a large stand Stocks alone cost more than 6 million yuan, and you can buy a villa in the south.

Largan was once sought after by Apple and Huawei for its plastic lens technology that dominated the world, but the risks were too concentrated. Affected by the Sino-US trade war, Huawei was suppressed by the United States, and the new crown epidemic, the demand for smartphone lenses stagnated, and 5G The launch speed of mobile phones is also not as fast as expected. The outside world believes that Largan is too focused on technology research and development and over-concentrated on the mobile phone market, which has become the main reason for Largan’s weakness in the past two years.

Largan announced yesterday (5) that its consolidated revenue for June was 3.393 billion yuan, a 3-month high, with a monthly increase of 8%. Recession trend of the year. Looking forward to the future, Largan pointed out that, benefiting from the shipment of new machines, the momentum of pulling goods in July will be better than that in June.

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