Foreign return! flock to buy luxury condos in famous ‘Myanmar-US’ area fiercely ‘Saudi’ to shop for Phuket hotels

Foreign return! flock to buy luxury condos in famous ‘Myanmar-US’ area fiercely ‘Saudi’ to shop for Phuket hotels

‘Capital One’, a major agent in Thailand Revealing the return of foreign demand Pushing the control port up to 50 billion, Hong Kong, China, India, the United States, Myanmar are popular to buy as a second home, condos near BTS, Pattaya Kuk Singaporean investors are starting to panic Keep an eye on Saudi shopping Phuket School

Mr. Wit Kulthanaviphas, CEO of Capital One Real Estate Co., Ltd. and Keller William Thailand Co., Ltd., a sales agent and real estate investment advisor in Thailand, revealed that the company currently has a portfolio of Manage 20 condominium projects , hotels and villas worth 30,000-40,000 million baht, with plans to manage domestic projects in 2023 and expand the overseas customer base. His goal is to have a project management value of 50,000 million baht. Most recently, a contract was signed for the management of a condominium worth 4,000 million baht, and 4-5 projects are in the process of negotiation. Sales are expected to reach the target of 10,000 million baht, an increase of 300% compared to the period when the project was born

“This year, the international market will penetrate more foreign customers. Set a 50% increase in revenue, a higher target than during the outbreak of COVID with 40% of revenue from foreign markets, and a decrease of 15% during the outbreak of COVID The push strategy is to expand branches, which in these 2 months It will open more branches in Hong Kong and market more in China including expanding the customer base in India and more from Saudi Arabia,” Wit said.

Mr. Currently, the overseas customer market is starting to improve before COVID, including Hong Kong, China, Myanmar, Cambodia and the United States. Still want to buy a condominium with a price of 4-5 million baht and the Sukhumvit zone is a popular foreign location. If you look deeper into the foreign segment, you will find that Myanmar and China are looking for expensive condominiums. Corresponding to the products that the company manages the project, for example, China is looking for a penthouse of 20-50 million baht, a condominium of 100 million baht. Middle class people are still not comfortable traveling out of the country. Only a group of wealthy Chinese people who at the beginning of 2023 are constantly leaving. But in the proportion that is still not much

Mr Er said Myanmar customers have different lifestyles from Chinese people who prefer to live in groups. because Myanmar people are more familiar with Thailand And most of them are businessmen who want to have a second home in Thailand, they choose to buy condominiums in the price range of 2-20 million baht, after u located near BTS stations, embassies, department stores, universities because their children are sent to study in Thailand. Indian part is another group that comes in a lot after the opening of the country and it is a group with good purchasing power. It is popular to buy ready-to-move-in condominiums in Pattaya at a price of 2-4 million baht.

“Saudi Arabia is an interesting market. We have entered the market for more than a year. Supports customer groups that want to expand investment Funds and individuals As far as negotiating with customers Most of them will buy condominiums and hotels in tourist cities such as Phuket and Pattaya. We have a deal to buy 3 hotels in Phuket worth 6,000 million baht. It is expected that 1 contract will be closed in the middle of 2023. 3,000 million baht. Interest in real estate in Phuket and Samui, at a price of 70 million baht, while in Singapore, the purchase is starting to decrease. after real estate in Singapore recovers after the COVID period This makes Singaporean investors interested in buying real estate in the country,” said Mr Wit.