Minister Suchart sends an assistant to the minister to open JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023 “Thai people have jobs, job seekers, jobs

Mr Suchat Chomklin, Minister of Labour, gave Mr Surachai Chaitrakultong, Assistant Minister of Labour. presided over the opening ceremony of JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023, with Mr Bunchob Suttamanuswong, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Labour, Mr Phairoj Jotikasthira, Director General of the Department of Employment. Executives from the Ministry of Labor attended the opening ceremony among executives from government agencies, the private sector and network partners who jointly organized the event at the center stage of Hall EH 100 -102, BITEC Exhibition and Convention Centre, Bangna, Bangkok.

Mr Surachai Chaitrakulthong, Deputy Minister of Labor He gave an opening comment at JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023 about the current situation in Thailand which faces challenges in multidimensional development. And the spread of the disease COVID-19 is seen as a catalyst for change and the development of digital technology in a leap forward. affect the infrastructure and the modern economy Especially in the labor sector, which is an important mechanism to drive the economy. The goal of organizing JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023 today is to respond to the national strategy. in terms of developing and improving the potential of human resources and balancing and improving the public administration system by developing the workforce in accordance with the needs of the service and tourism sectors enabling people of working age to work in their own towns There is also infrastructure that facilitate working and learning new skills. cause the working age to be upgraded by laborers into a user of brain power who can easily access sources of capital, innovation, technology and news and information Make people of all ages and all live together in the country with happiness sustainable. Have the skills to work, have a career, have a stable, sustainable income, and at the same time have a government sector that works for the people honestly, transparently and pays attention to service, works quickly
Pairoj Jotikasthira, Director General of the Employment Department It was reported that the objective of organizing JOB EXPO THAILAND 2023 under the theme “Thai people have jobs, job seekers, job seekers” is in accordance with government policy. which recognizes the importance of getting a job for people from all target groups of all ages Be it new graduates, the elderly, the disabled, the army preparing to discharge, the free, the unemployed, and anyone who wants to get a job and gain income by promoting employment. and employment Improving the quality of life of workers By accelerating and pushing the expansion of the Thai labor market abroad, stimulating, promoting and maintaining employment. including online employment services Promote self-employment for more diverse target groups Support work to be done at home for the unemployed By focusing on sectors affected by the COVID-19 epidemic, develop the skills of formal and informal workers in accordance with activities within the event including Activities to honor His Majesty the King according to the Sufficient Economy Philosophy Project Spirit of Volunteering 904 (Kok Nong Na) Activity to stimulate the creation of a channel base for collecting employment information and developing skills with the platform Has Thailand job. from the government and private agencies, domestically and internationally, to support the employment needs of the people Creating jobs and career development activities to promote and develop people to become new owners and businesses.

At the event, there are also various activities. That will promote and develop the potential of human resources to be ready to cope with the S curve and New Curve industries. This event is held in 3 other regional areas: Chonburi, Phuket and Nakhon Ratchasima. alternately through June At the same time, the Deputy Minister of Labor led the executives to visit different zones within the event, such as the exhibition zone to honor His Majesty the King according to the Sufficient Economy Philosophy Volunteering Project 904 (Kok Nong No) Social Security Zone with free flu vaccination activities for all groups of people Thai zone has work to do Gathering vacancies across the country. and register for jobs Ready for an online interview

For outstanding activities within the event between 10:00 am – 8:00 pm, available throughout the 3 days of this event.
June 8, 2023
– Discussion on the topic “How to turn what you like into a career in the digital age” by Khun New Wannarat, owner of the Go Alone Around page.
– A small concert by YOURMOOD
June 9, 2023
– Discussion on the topic “Creating an identity to make money on TIKTOK, the most popular platform today” by Mr. Chatsak Mahatha, known as Eclair Juepak.
– A mini concert by Mintra Intira
June 10, 2023
– Discussion on the topic “Agriculture for Sustainability” by Dr. Krirk Meemungkit, local philosopher, god of agriculture
– and “How to apply for a job to get a job” by Mr Tasnai Muensen
– A small concert by Prang Prangthip

able to work with good government projects organized by the Department of Employment Ministry of Labor “Job Expo Thailand 2023, great job fair “Thai people have jobs, people looking for jobs, jobs looking for people” on June 8-10 at BITEC, Bangna, Hall EH100-102.


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