Gapjil Workplace 119 “Stalking 1 in 5 reports of sexual violence”

Analysis of 51 reports of sexual violence since 2020
Report the operation of the centre, response to be arranged within 48 hours

It was found that 1 in 5 reports of ‘sexual violence’ in the workplace received by the civic group Work Gapjil 119 involved stalking.

The group announced on the 21st that among the 51 cases of reports relating to sexual violence received between January 2020 and the last, 11 cases (21.6%) of stalking that sought contact and continued contact were the most. Forced courtship was followed by 8 cases (15.7%), followed by harassment due to refusal to confess and the spread of a malicious scandal in 7 cases (13.7%) each.

There have also been cases of ‘matching’ where people are forced to date other employees or are treated as if they were dating, ‘appearance management’ which unduly detracts from their appearance, and illegal filming.

The group referred to ‘let’s eat together’, ‘what are you doing in the evening, let’s meet’ as a representative case of stalking, ongoing personal contact not related to work. Some bosses courted them forcefully by waiting to take them back and forth to work, then forcing them to get into the car, or forcing them to leave the company or at a disadvantage in personnel matters.

The group said, “The victim is isolated if they are doing it because they like the behavior they are doing because they like it.

After the 'Sindang Station Stalking and Murder Case' that happened on the 14th, citizens have continued to walk to the place to remember the victims in front of the women's restroom at Sindang Station.  2022.09.20 News

▲ After the ‘Stalking and Murder Case from Sindang Station’ which happened on the 14th, citizens have been walking to the spot to remember the victims in front of the women’s restroom at Sindang Station. 2022.09.20 News

In the wake of the ‘Sindang Station Stalking and Murder Case’, which caused public outrage recently, the group will operate the Sexual Violence Reporting Center at work until December 31st. Reports related to gender-based violence, such as stalking, forced courtship, illegal filming, and sexual harassment, will be answered by email within 48 hours,” he said.

Reporter Park Sang-yeon

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