Home Entertainment “GDH” admits “medium” as being famous because of the yellow cloth island “Na Hong Jin” informs 5 cases of arresting movies on illegal websites, affecting income

“GDH” admits “medium” as being famous because of the yellow cloth island “Na Hong Jin” informs 5 cases of arresting movies on illegal websites, affecting income

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“GDH” informs the arrest of 5 cases of copyright infringement Since it’s not showing close to Korea, it’s a chance to win feedback from Thai people. Bang like a foreigner, grabbed the number 1 spot in Korea, screened in many other countries Create a new dimension, haunting until you have to turn on the light reinforcing the strength Thai ghost movies are still available for sale. It’s like getting to the island of the Yellow Cloth Man, you can go to the World Wide thanks to “Na Hong Jin”.

After having to postpone the show for several months. Finally, the ghost movie of the era “Draft” from the skill of directing “Tong Banjong Pisanthanakul” having “Na Hong Jin” South Korean horror film director Become a producer It was already auspicious to air on October 28.

Most recently, today (Oct. 27) in the gala premiere “Gina Jina Osotsilp” CEO of GDH Company, along with the director of the story. Has come out for an interview with the press. to this success and update progress after being heavily anointed intellectual piracy Sucking a movie to release a pirated website

Tong: “First screened in Korea, won Best of Bucheon award from the 25th Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival (BIFAN), and has gone to many European festivals in England, Vienna, Spain, London. It will be in Korea first. We were really excited at the start, and I felt like it would be a very important step. because the movie speaks Thai has spread so wide The number 1 debut was beyond expectation. After that, it will be Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Thailand.”

Gina: “Thailand is the sixth country, and I’m waiting for Vietnam and the next countries. Go to the place that is coming.”

Revealed at the time of creation, expectations were very high. And you can really do it.
Gina : “Uncle Tong Banjong’s skill, we have high expectations. And the feedback is really good. which is really proud of him

I’m very proud to be the number 1 grossing movie in Korea.
Gina: “Actually, when doing it with Korea, It’s really thanks to Korea. that he respects and trusts Let’s create together The day we rose to No. 1 for the first time in Korea. I’m proud of being Thai working in Thai movies Thailand, we can go to Korea. also go to singapore Taiwan is very good And there are also Hong Kong and Indonesia. I’m proud. Money is something everyone wants. But we think the best are people who like our work and then we think that he has already got that thing.”

It’s a real Thai horror movie.
Gina: “Real Thai, it’s a story about the beliefs of Thai people and all Thai mediums, because all the staff, from the writers of the script. People work until filming is done. They are all Thai people.”

Korea is so haunted that it creates a new dimension Turn on the lights in the factory
Tong: “I listened to it for the first time and I felt like, hey, it’s good. Actually, it’s a trend that when people look at it and say it’s scary. So he picked it up as a marketing gimmick. I think it’s cute. want to see too How do you turn on the lights and see?”

Gina: “It’s a pity too. Because just now, around 4 o’clock, it’s a team round. Watched about half an hour before the press conference. saw many people startled which in the middle movie until the end of the movie It will be interesting.”

Many countries have bought it but haven’t shown it yet because of covid.
Gina: “Actually, Vietnam, Laos, everyone is waiting for us and many other countries, but due to the covid situation. So we have to wait a bit.”

Tong: “Actually, it’s already sold out. Just waiting for the show date, like America, it’s already showing. Some countries are streaming. Like America will be the king.”

The same original for all countries speak Thai and put subtitles
Gina: “Use Thai language and add subtitles. The original is the same in every country. All credits are the same.”

Accepting work with Korea Make the world more wide like the yellow cloth island Na Hong Jin
Tong: “It definitely works. I think that he saw something in us. I was pleasantly surprised. Now, it’s considered that we cling to the man of the yellow cloth, Ms. Na Hong Jin. At least people are focusing more on us.

Feedback in Thailand is not yet known. But abroad is considered very successful.
Gina: “If it’s a foreign country, you’ll have to go to Tong. But now Thai people After the press conference, we have to go see it. Normally, in the first round, we have to stay and watch the feedback. But just watched it for half an hour. I feel great.”

Tong: “Overseas I myself and Mr. Na Hong Jin are very happy because of this movie. Since reading the original chapter It was Korean first. Then he let us convert it into the Thai context. I felt that the story was intense and very strong. And when it comes out, it’s really like that. Well, it’s a movie that everyone watches to argue. what do you believe What do you think this scene is? Are you afraid or not? Which for me at the moment is that word, The most debated movie of the year, which for me is finicky.

like a repetition that Thai horror movies can still be exported
Tong: “Actually, the word Thai Horror is the highlight of our country. But the continuity in the latter maybe a little less It might be a little difficult, really, it’s all over the world. trying to make a horror movie to remain fresh It will get harder every day.”

I didn’t think what to do to allow foreigners to understand the context Just saw something scary You can grab it and put it on.
Tong: “If you ask me, when I do not think about that. Don’t have to think at all, we just think what we see and it’s scary in our Thai style. But luckily, the producer is Na Hong Jin. Every time he commented, he would say He will be the comment of World Cinema viewers. He will comment on us. What works does not work in his corner. It’s controversial.”

Hope the trend in Thailand It will be good not to lose abroad.
Gina : “I hope a lot. Because the medium is really a matter of the beliefs of Thai people. We feel that what we intend to do believe that Thai people will respond The more of the big cock which when we watched the first cut that came out I can tell you that Tong is very talented. How can I do this? Believe it all. In our knowledge, it’s the best.”

Been heavily anointed since it hasn’t aired yet. Good hands release movies, zoom, watch for free All copyright infringement 5 out of 800 lawsuits have been filed
Gina: “It’s the way it happened. But how are we going to cope? because the first day was shocked Originally, this movie had to be released since July, a week after Korea, but the situation of covids came. When the cinema is closed, it can’t show. Until the day we open the cinema on October 1, we still have a lot of fun. But I feel like When the cinema has the intention We have the intention of showing We need to look at safety as much as possible. So I put it on October 28, until today I feel comfortable. because I think that the measures that are being done here are much better. I have to be patient a little more.

And when we show the movie What happened in the copyright at that time We think it’s ignorance. must admit that when we show in other countries first it has a distance It might happen. then the day it happened Watch carefully why did this happen When we talked to over 800 cases, the kid didn’t even know. that this can’t be done This is a violation Is taking other people’s things to do. Talked to 600-700 cases that when talking, he immediately deleted it. He doesn’t share He tried to tell his friend that this one wasn’t right.

But it still exists for the most part. who think intentionally And then I felt that I would. We negotiated a lot. but failed Therefore, the law must be used to help. Which we have already filed about 10 cases, 5 cases have now been reported. After talking 6-7 times, I don’t understand. Some people close this one open that one. And then the whole team was very full. In order to talk with care with caution because they are Thai people the occurrence of this event At least we felt Make people who do not know about intellectual property rights begin to understand and start paying more attention to each other. We may have to keep trying.”

5 This case is a publisher. Talked but it didn’t work.
Gina: “I’m a publisher. intended to publish the forwarder Most of them don’t know. But the intention It’s intentional. then we believe These people don’t watch movies in theaters. But many people who have been forwarded When we explained it, he told him that he was shocked. He didn’t know because at first he understood that. The movie is not yet known when it will be released. Will it be shown in cinemas for sure? Until we decided to announce that it’s ok, when the cinema opens, see you.”

Confirm the prosecution to the end Because of intellectual property rights, it is very important and must be dealt with decisively.
Gina: “It’s probably the end of the law. if he doesn’t believe or not accepting We will have to deal with the law decisively. because of intellectual property rights It’s to respect the workers. This is very important. All workers must work with a feeling that should be encouraged to do good work when we make movies in cinemas should be seen in cinemas.”

Warroom established Help the whole company with this.
Gina: “It was when we heard it. We were told that there must be a Warroom. Because every social media channel is a lot. We have to thank the GDH brothers and our team very much. 30-40 people. Everyone came to watch 24 hours a day, day and night. Help remind each other. Let’s talk well. We really want to talk well. Good talk, nothing. We talked well for almost 3 weeks and all of the kids were blinded.

Now it has both. And we also want to give the youngsters If it’s time to prosecute, he realizes that we will be able to forgive. We have mediated from the beginning. But the need to prosecute decisively Because we believe that he intends to continue doing that, even for small reasons. if we promote Thai society will not understand.”

Revealed that it came from Korea for the first time But I don’t know who sucked it and released it. Because it’s an aerial hack.
Gina: “It came from Korea. because Korea aired first When it’s time for Korea, it has to be streaming. in video platforms but the person who sucked I do not know which country It’s from the air I don’t know who hacked it. But the real Koreans He is very respectful of intellectual property rights. Korea is serious about this. When this happens, the Koreans are not calm. everyone tried But we don’t know where it came from. As far as we can check It’s a lot too I hope this will be the last story. The COVID situation will gradually improve, which means that we will all be able to cope with living with COVID.”

There was a discussion about whether to make a new cut. But in the end it didn’t. because this version is the best
Tong: “Actually, there was a discussion. but we feel The version that we have done is the best. But one thing is definitely different. Well, this movie has a lot of Isan speaking, more than 50 percent. There will also be subtitles in a common language. I think Bangkok Many people may not hear about it. Let’s have a look at the factory.”

targeted income severely affected Since it is not projected close with Korea
Tong: “It was sent a long time ago (laughs).”

Gina: “It’s been sent since the day we didn’t show nearby. with Korea already, but really about the income Maybe it’s not the most important thing for us right now. most important thing now It is difficult for people to see movies in the cinema legally. look at each other happily with the movies that we intend to do I think that the income now, if it will be, will be mainly about covids rather than the matter of abuse. because the movie was released all over the country provincial people Especially people in the Northeast are waiting to see a lot. It’s very good to reserve a special ticket.”

Believe that the movie fans of Tong and GDH will definitely have to wait and see in the cinema.
Gina: “Khun Tong and GDH’s movie fans are the ones who watch it in the cinema. believe he waits to see When it first happened we are excited But when we really check It was a short period of time. when we manage it all disappeared Everyone is waiting to see the promotion, waiting to see the show, it’s tomorrow (28 Oct.)

If something like this happens again in the future I haven’t thought about how to manage it. Let’s make a good story let the audience see first
Gina: “If it happens, should we deal with it? We make good movies make a good story It’s better to make the audience happy in other ways. This one is actually stressful. What we have to try to talk to people in the matter that really And then it’s hard to understand. But in the end it’s good. learned The next time, in 2-3 years, may be reborn.”

Tong: “It’s not good at all (laughs).”

Make up your mind about income
Gina: “I think that income will come from movie lovers I believe that people will like this movie very much and will continue to tell because the standard of this movie is very proud. It is world class. But it’s about the beliefs of Thai people. Our Thai people will be able to easily access it.”

Tong: “It’s important. After many dramas I want to thank the people who are still waiting. Many people come to me or comment. even on youtube but said in the sense that Waiting to be properly supported, copyrighted, which I feel It gives me hope in Thai movies. and ready to work hard in the future.”

Gina: “Encouragement from Thai people. Still watching Thai movies, it makes our GDH try to create better movies as I said. Thank you everyone And thank you to the media brothers as well. who are worried and try to help each other The best thing is to let everyone understand first. that intellectual piracy It is wrong and should not be done because in the future it will affect Thai movies a lot.”


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