Genome & Company presents the development status of three types of immuno-oncology treatments at ‘Bio USA’ |

[팜뉴스=이권구 기자] Genome & Company (CEO: Bae Ji-soo, Park Han-soo) will participate in the ‘International Bio Convention’ (BIO International Convention 2023, Bio USA) held in Boston, USA from June 5 to 8 ( local time) to develop a microbiome immuno-oncology treatment It presents the development status of ‘GEN-001’ and new target immuno-oncology drugs ‘GENA-104’ and ‘GENA-111’ and promotes strategic cooperation in terms of technology transfer and development together.

Foreign subsidiaries List Biological Laboratories, Inc., List Biotherapeutics, Inc., and Scioto Biosciences, Inc. also participates in BioUSA.

List Labs and List Bio, which runs the CDMO microbiome business, plan to hold meetings with several microbiome-related companies to expand production orders, and Kyoto is developing a microbiome-based autism spectrum disorder (ASD, autism) Prior to the entry into phase 2 clinical trials for the treatment drug ‘SB-121’, a partnership meeting will be held.

Bae Ji-soo, CEO of Genome & Company, said, “We plan to further strengthen partnering meetings with global pharmaceutical companies in the future, as we recruit Hong Yoo-seok, general manager, to commercialize new drug candidate materials and strengthen overseas business. Genome & Company and all subsidiaries We will actively participate in all partnering meetings to grow into a global new drug development company.”

Meanwhile, Genome & Company is conducting phase 2 clinical trials for gastric and biliary tract cancer with ‘GEN-001’, an immuno-oncology microbiome treatment, and plans to initiate a phase 1 clinical trial for ‘ GENA-104’, a new target of an immuno-oncology drug in the second half of the year. In addition, ADC candidate material ‘GENA-111’ is under joint research with the global pharmaceutical company Dibiopharm.


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