Guerrero Jr. wins first Canadian Baseball Player of the Year award

Vladimir Guerrero Jr. has been voted ‘Canadian Baseball Player of the Year 2021’.

The Canadian Press announced today (8th), “The Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame has selected Guerrero Jr. as the recipient of this year’s Tip O’Neill Award.”

The ‘Tip O’Neill Award’ is given to the best Canadian baseball player every year.

It was named after James O’Neill, who played in the major leagues, and was established in 1984.

In 2020, Jamie Romack, who was a member of the KBO League SK Wyverns (currently SSG Landers), was also given the surprise award.

The son of legendary baseball player Vladimir Guerrero, Guerrero Jr. earned a Tip O’Neill award his father could not have.

Father Guerrero’s nationality is the Dominican Republic.

Son Guerrero Jr. was born on March 16, 1999 in Montreal, Canada, and has dual citizenship (Canada and Dominican Republic).

With a batting average of 0.311, 48 homers, 111 RBIs and 1.002 OPS in 161 games this year, Guerrero Jr. won his first Tip O’Neill Award.

Seven-time award winner Joey Boto (Cincinnati Reds), Toronto bullpen Jordan Romano and St.

Guerrero Jr. said, “I was born in Canada. Of course, I am honored to receive the Tip O’Neill Award. I will try to win this award again in the future.”

(Photo = Getty Images Korea, Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Twitter capture, Yonhap News)



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