Headaches can save themselves: migraines, tightening headaches, menstrual headaches… there’s a cure!

[Good Morning Health Editorial Department]Do you often have headaches? According to statistics by the World Health Organization (WHO), headache is the most common disease in neurology clinics. In Taiwan, about 70% of people have suffered from headaches in the past year. Many people have painkillers at home. A large part of the reason is to relieve sudden headaches in case of emergency.

As the saying goes, “a headache is not a disease, but it can kill you”, although

90% of headaches have no other causative factors, but they may also be caused by other diseases or drugs. If the cause of the headache can be found, it can still help to improve the headache.

And pain itself may indeed affect work, sleep, and even depressing; for example, the WHO lists migraine as one of the top 10 health diseases, and the “Global Burden of Disease Study” also mentioned that it causes 15 to 49 years old worldwide. Migraine is the leading cause of disability among young people.

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Many people think that headaches are an old problem and do not seek medical treatment. They rely on painkillers to survive, but they may cause “medication overuse headaches”. Some people end up with headaches for half of the month or every day. Using pain relievers, or taking medication as prescribed by your doctor, can be effective in controlling headaches.

If severe headache requires medical attention, it is recommended to record the characteristics of the headache, such as the onset time, how long it lasts, whether there is nausea, whether there is any warning, possible triggering factors, etc., and seek medical treatment at a home doctor or neurology department. With the rapid development of medical technology, in recent years There are many treatments and new medications to improve headaches, so don’t give up too soon.

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If you have frequent headaches for no reason, maintaining a correct posture, developing the habit of regular exercise, and relieving psychological pressure in a timely manner may help to improve the headache. In terms of diet, it is also recommended to minimize exposure to alcohol, cheese, etc. that may induce headaches. Monosodium glutamate, caffeine-containing food and drinks, etc., and supplementing with vitamin B group, magnesium, calcium, etc. that help relieve headaches, especially eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to improve the antioxidant power in the body, will help reduce the occurrence of headaches beautiful life!

Detailed wonderful catalog

Headaches can save themselves

Part 1: Self-help knowledge for headaches

Dr. Wang Yanfeng

Overuse of painkillers makes headaches worse!

The patient received treatment and sighed, “It turns out that the head doesn’t hurt at all”

・Most common headaches: migraine, tension headache, cluster headache

・Recognize “primary headache” and “secondary headache”

・Should I see a doctor?Headache danger signs, headache frequency, headache diary

・Rely on painkillers for severe headaches, beware of “medication overuse headaches”

・Preventative treatment/self-care/menstrual headache/weekend headache

Part2: Self-help notes for headaches

Self-Exam: Headache Diagnostic Chart

・In these cases, you should seek professional medical help

・12 life-threatening headache symptoms

・Make good use of the headache diary to record the headaches in detail

・Preparing for consultation for headache patients

Part3: Self-help countermeasures for headache

Chen Xiaoxuan Chinese Medicine Physician

Lily drink soothe the nerves, hot compress the bladder meridian to dispel cold!

Get rid of headaches by emptying your body of what you don’t need

Li Jinqiu nutritionist

Iron deficiency anemia may also have menstrual headaches!

Eat more 7 kinds of nutrients to heal the body and mind, nourish blood, relieve stress and fight inflammation

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Gao Qijun Occupational Therapist

General inspection of sleep and work environment!

Mindfulness exercises, neck muscle exercises and stretching, no more headaches

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