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Hong Kong finds 2 travelers caught with Omicron during quarantine even without leaving the room

Date 07 Dec 2021 time 13:30

Hong Kong researchers fear omikron has spread in hallways after two travelers across the room were infected even though they weren’t in contact.

A Bloomberg study from the University of Hong Kong published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases on Friday said that Hong Kong has found two international travelers infected with COVID-19. Omicron strain during quarantine at a Hong Kong hotel. CCTV footage showed the couple had not left the room and had no close contact or contact with anyone.

The most plausible assumption at this point is that the virus may have spread through the air in the hallways. which the patient was infected when opening the door to receive food during the same period

The two travelers were from Canada and South Africa. Both of whom had received two doses of Pfizer’s vaccine, both had a negative PCR test before arriving in Hong Kong on Nov. 10 and undergoing quarantine at the same hotel. opposite room

A traveler from South Africa tested positive on Nov 13 and was thought to have contracted the virus before arriving in Hong Kong. The Canadian traveler became ill and tested positive four days later.

A research team from the University of Hong Kong stated that “The spread of omikron between people who have received two full doses of vaccine who have not been in close contact or have been in contact. It underscores concerns that the virus may spread more easily, including among those who have been vaccinated.”

Omikron has mutations at multiple spike protein sites, raising concerns that it could evade immunity from vaccines. As a result, the number of infected people skyrocketed. and hindering efforts to restore the global economy.

Scientists from the World Health Organization (WHO) said last week that Approximately 450 researchers from around the world are accelerating the study to understand whether omichron mutations affect vaccine efficacy and its transmission potential. which is expected to receive an answer soon

Recently, patients with COVID-19 increased exponentially in many parts of South Africa. As a result, there was a fourth wave of outbreaks caused by omikron. While dozens of countries have detected such infections as well. But it’s still too early to draw any conclusions about Omikron’s severity. Because most patients have mild symptoms. and still no deaths were found.

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