How to get up often Reduce your sitting time.

Sitting for long periods adversely affects your health, so you should create an environment where you can move your body as much as possible in the office. [사진=클립아트코리아]

Sitting for long periods of time is not good for your health. A team of researchers from Alberta Health Services in Calgary, Canada analyzed physical activity statistics and cancer incidence in Americans. Every year in the United States, it’s new cancer patient 90,000 of them Sitting for a long time without moving often. There were 49,000 cases of breast cancer and 43,000 cases of colorectal cancer. Researchers have found that moving more and being less sedentary is associated with a lower risk of cancer.

Even if it’s not cancer, if you spend a lot of time sitting diabetesclass heart attack high risk reduce obesity in the bodyThe risk of this happening is also high. Office workers complain that “there is no time to move”. If you commute by car, you might be sitting all day.

If the conditions do not allow exercise officeat the maximum an environment where the body can moveshould do ‘Fox News’ USA Tips to sit a little lesspresent


Take calls while on the move

telephone when you have something to do move telephonereceive If your office phone is a landline speaker phoneor use headphones and earphones with long wires can be used etc. Moving your body while talking helps.

Move your body after eating

blood fatmoney right after a meal highest After eating a little The more you move, the more enzymes that digest fatactivity can be increased.


meet people in person

If you need to send or receive an email or make a phone call, See your face and solve itIt is best done colleagues in the office stand and speakshare with healthYou can improve and make things more efficient.


Classify your office space

Do not collect monitors, memos, or data in one place on the desk. Most a place to worksecond Dispersionhave to do You can use a method such as placing a cloth on a box or milk carton, placing it on a desk, and placing materials on it. Adjust the position so that the notes you need can stand up and stick. like this worksecond distributed in a cascadeIf you do, you can move a lot more.

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