How to make Blue Hawaiian Lemon Cream Soda, Sweet and Sour Sauce, with just these three ingredients.

If you are looking for a sweet and fizzy drink with good looks and colorful spiciness, we have this cool drink to offer. “Blue Hawaii Lemon Cream Soda” Or you can call it abbreviated as “Blue Hawaii Cream Soda” or “Italian Soda”, but because of the ingredients in this glass, there are a few different ingredients. It’s a perfect blend of flavors that are as simple as three things. You don’t have to rely on hot spring water to make it difficult! Let’s do it together.

Ingredients: Blue Hawaii Lemon Cream Soda

  • concentrated sweet juice Cream soda flavor 30 ml.
  • Concentrated Blue Hawaii juice 30 ml.
  • 1 can of lemon soda

How to make Blue Hawaiian Lemon Cream Soda

Measure out the Blue Hawaiian water without adding anything else. Pour into a glass to serve and wait.

Then measure the dark nectar with cream soda flavor. Or the popular green water that is attached to the house into the mixing glass. Pour 150 ml of lemon soda water (leave part of the can in the can for use at the end)

Mix green water and lemon soda together. Don’t forget to leave some lemon soda to use at the end.

Put ice in a glass that has already been filled with Blue Hawaii. Garnish with lemon or lemon wedges.

Slowly pour in the green water that has been mixed in.

Finish off with the rest of the lemon soda.

That’s all. Blue Hawaii Lemon Cream Soda A beautiful gradient drink, sweet and sour with just three ingredients. This recipe uses a large glass. Drink together with a stopper or plug in a pair of straws. You can drink together with someone you know, aww!


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