I can’t stand it! Intoxicated son-in-law carried a 4-year-old grandson and escaped, his father-in-law followed him and had severe teeth. My daughter said she was doing it right.

Unbearable, son-in-law intoxicated, invites daughter to quarrel, repeatedly carries her 4-year-old grandson to escape, father-in-law followed him, had 7 stitches, sewed 7 stitches, daughter said she did the right thing ready to help the father with the case

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At 8:00 pm on November 28, Pol. Lt. Col. Kriengsak Kitthaisong, Deputy Inspector (Investigation), Satuek Police Station, Satuek District, Buriram Province, received a report of an assault. There were serious injuries along the Buriram-Satuek road. Therefore coordinated the Wang Krut Rescue Unit, Satuek District, to join the investigation.

At the scene, Wang Krut rescuers were found first aiding Mr. Chatchai or Tor Khun Muen, 31 years old, according to his ID card at Dan Makham Tia Subdistrict Dan Makham Tia District, Kanchanaburi Province, lying still on the side of the road, unconscious, with a serious wound on the head Rescuers hurried to take him to Satuk Hospital where the doctor sewed 7 needles.

Then a villager carried a 4-year-old boy to inform the authorities that it was the child of the injured. As for the perpetrators, Din Khadroka, 53, a native of Don Mon sub-district, Satueuk district, Buriram province, was the father-in-law of the injured. escape after the crime

Ask Ms. Petchmanee Khadroka, 27, Mr. Chatchai’s wife, said that she has two sons, the eldest 4 years old, the youngest 1 year old. like to ask for his money to buy methamphetamine regularly Before the incident, the husband was probably intoxicated. and went into the house to quarrel So he cursed back until an argument After that, the husband carried his four-year-old son and walked out of the house. So I told my father to help me find it.

Ms. Petchmanee continued that she learned that her husband had been attacked by her father. Personally, I think my father was right. Because husbands often do this many times. but no one can stop it Even though the father had hurt his own husband but he still admires his father because the child returned After his father did not come home expected to wait As for the case at home, ready to help


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