IBK Announces Songhwa Out of Jo Songhwa “We can’t be together regardless of punishment or punishment” -No.1 sports media, Portal Korea

[스포탈코리아] Reporter Kim Seong-jin = Hwaseong IBK Industrial Bank Altos has made a firm decision to release Jo Song-hwa (28), who has plunged the volleyball world into chaos due to the unauthorized departure of the team.

IBK announced on the 8th the appointment of Kim Ho-cheol to the vacant managerial position, saying, “The Korea Volleyball Federation reward and punishment committee will be held on the 10th regarding Jo Song-hwa, but the club has said that regardless of the disciplinary outcome of the reward and punishment committee, the club cannot do it with Song-hwa. We would like to reiterate that there is no change in our existing position.”

This is interpreted to mean that the club is considering its own disciplinary action, such as excluding Song-hwa Jo from the squad, no matter what disciplinary action was taken.

Songhwa Cho caused controversy by leaving the squad without permission twice. IBK pushed for a voluntary termination, but it failed because it did not receive Jo Song-hwa’s written consent. He also asked the Federation for disciplinary action against Jo Song-hwa.

In addition, IBK announced, “As part of the front-end innovation, we are working on front-end innovation, such as replacing the secretary general and reinforcing professional manpower.”

Owner Yoon Jong-won said, “As the owner, I take this situation very seriously, and I deeply apologize for causing disappointment to the fans due to the inexperienced and thoughtless management of the club in the process of discord within the team, leaving the team, and appointing a temporary manager.” We will do our best to prevent this from happening again, such as improving the structure of the team with the new coach as the center, and promoting a fundamental renewal of the front desk, with the determination to re-establish the team so that the right team culture can be established.”

In the future, we ask that you watch the efforts and measures of the club to further communicate with fans and renew the team.”

Photo = Korea Volleyball Federation


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