“I’m naked, but you’re naked”… Chelsea FC senior executive dies for sexual harassment of Korean woman

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An executive at Chelsea FC, a prestigious English Premier League club, has been sacked after being found sexually harassing a female Korean agent.

British daily Daily Mail reported on the 20th (local time) that Chelsea’s commercial director, Damien Wallerby, has been sacked after it was discovered that he had sent an inappropriate message to a Korean female agent, Catalina Kim.

He was kicked out of the company less than a month after joining Chelsea FC.

Catalina Kim complained to Chelsea president Tom Glick that she had been sexually harassed, and Chelsea was immediately fired, the Daily Mail reported.

The Chelsea club informed the local media about this.

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picture explanation[사지출처 = 데일리메일]

The club said they had “terminated his contract with the Wallaby commercial director with immediate effect” and said, “We have investigated inappropriate messages sent to him prior to joining Chelsea earlier this month.”

It happened before joining, but he added that it was against the new culture of the club.

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picture explanation[사진출처 = 연합뉴스]

Walloughby also released a text message to Catalina Kim, which was obvious and exciting.

He asked, “I’m naked, but you’re naked”, discussed the topic of having sex, and posted specific sexual videos.

He has also offered to arrange a meeting with Manchester City chief executive Ferran Soriano.

Meanwhile, Catalina Kim, CEO of C&P Sports, is in the business of connecting Korean companies and European professional soccer teams.

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