‘I’m solo’ Young-soo, ‘Number 1’ Hyun-sook… ‘Shocked’ by choosing Oksoon on a date

‘I’m Solo’ Hyeon-sook expressed her complicated feelings about choosing Young-soo’s date.

In SBS PLUS, ENA PLAY’s variety show ‘I’m SOLO’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘I’m Solo’), broadcast on the 22nd, ‘Individualist Special’, Solo Nara 13, a picture of single men in ask for a date taken.

On this day, Hyeon-suk said, “It’s been 9 years since I didn’t eat breakfast. I don’t eat breakfast” and make toast to Youngsoo in the morning. After finishing cooking like that, I called Young-soo, and as soon as we met, Young-soo said, “I talked a lot with people yesterday. You said you were sad I didn’t talk to anyone else. So we talked.”

Hyeon-suk asked how it was, and Young-soo replied, “There were parts arranged, and there were people who thought it was fine, and they went back and forth,” making Hyun-suk curious. . In response, Hyeon-sook asked, “I heard that my brother was playing the guitar yesterday, made a comment, and made a fuss.” Young-soo denied it, saying, “What kind of goldsmith am I?”, but Hyun-suk couldn’t hide his sadness, saying, “You didn’t do anything for me.” At those words, Young-soo took a deep reading, saying, “You are the most important thing I can say clearly.”

Then, Hyeon-sook showed the breakfast table she made, and Young-soo was overjoyed, saying, “The day I’ll eat something like this is coming too.” Hyeon-suk said, “I have something to tell you. This is the first time I’ve ever cooked for someone,” he appealed, moving her.

Meanwhile, single men had the chance to choose a date. Young-soo, who was the first runner, said, “I don’t really know. There are three of them: Oksoon, Yeongja, and Hyeonsook, and I think I will think about the final choice until the end. ” At the same time, Yeongsu surprised the MCs by choosing Oksoon next to him instead of Hyeonsuk.

Moreover, Youngsoo whispered to Oksoon, “I missed you,” surprising her. Seeing this, Defconn admired, “Youngsoo understands the Solo Nara system 100% and enjoys using it.”

In a later interview with the production team, Hyeon-sook said, “I thought Young-soo would go to someone else. But when I went, my mind got complicated,” he said, confused. On the other hand, Youngsoo admitted, “Hyyonsook-nim seems to think of me as a member of the opposite sex, but I’m confused if I feel like a close sister or a member of the opposite sex .”


[사진] Screen capture of ‘I’m Solo’ broadcast


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