In general, market transactions are expected to be weak, and the price of thermal coal is mainly running.Shanxi Province_Sina


According to the business agency’s monitoring data, this week (10.31-11.07)thermal coalPrices are running weak. On November 6, the energy index was 1159 points, the same as yesterday, down 25.75% from the highest point in the cycle (1561 points on 2021-10-21), and up 126.81% of the point lowest of 511 points on March 01, 2016. (Note: The circle refers to 2011-12-01 to the present)

In terms of production areas, the price of thermal coal was weak, and the operation was affected by public health incidents and safety production cuts, and the price of thermal coal fell slightly. Some areas in Shanxi were affected by the public health event, and prices were mixed. At present, there are few long-distance haulage vehicles, and the market is largely in a wait-and-see mentality.

In terms of downstream ports, merchant quotes weakened, and were more of a wait-and-see attitude. In addition, the Daqin line was revamped, and the shipping volume was still relatively limited. In general, the downstream buyers are less motivated to acquire goods, with fewer transactions, and are generally more willing to accept high prices. Prices are under pressure.

Data released by the National Statistics Office on November 4 showed that the trend of coal prices in the country at the end of October was divided. The specific price changes of different types of coal are as follows: the price of hard coal (washed block, volatile matter ≤8%) is 1937.1 yuan / ton, down 3.6 yuan / ton or 0.2% of the issue previous The price of ordinary mixed coal (a combination of Shanxi pulverized coal and lump coal, with a calorific value of 4,500 kcal) was 1,183.8 yuan/ton, an increase of 36.7 yuan/ton, or 3.2%, from the previous issue. The price of large mixed Shanxi (better quality mixed coal, calorific value of 5000 kcal) was 1378.0 yuan / ton, an increase of 35.9 yuan / ton or 2.7% from the previous issue. The price of Shanxi excellent mixed coal (high-quality mixed coal with a calorific value of 5,500 kcal) was 1583.8 yuan / ton, an increase of 38.8 yuan / ton or 2.5% from the previous issue.

An analyst from the business community believes that thermal coal at the origin is affected by safety inspections and public health incidents, and the market transaction is relatively general. As for downstream ports, the downstream period is still more wait and see for thermal coal, generally receiving high prices, and the market is in a situation where such a situation . Overall, the price of thermal coal is expected to be weak, depending on downstream market demand.

(Article source: Business Club)

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