In one day, UK Muslim charity breaks world record for blood donations across six continents

A British Muslim charity has set a world record for donating the most blood across six continents in just one day. The world record was broken by the charity called ‘Who is Hussain’, which is trying to mobilize 50,000 blood donors across six continents.

The achievement is part of the Global Blood Heroes campaign, supported by the National Health Service, to create awareness of donating blood among minority communities. The charity is led by Britain’s oldest Muslim blood donation organization known as the ‘Imam Hussain Blood Donation Campaign’.

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As part of the campaign, blood was collected from more than 37,000 people in one day at blood donation centers across Britain and centers in 27 countries including Argentina, Iraq and Thailand. The campaign started in New Zealand and ended in the United States.

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Officials said that after the covid epidemic, the world is facing a serious shortage of blood donation and in this situation, a Global Blood Heroes campaign has been started by uniting the volunteers.

Story Highlights: UK Muslim Charity breaks world record for blood donations

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