Iran’s ‘self-destructing drone’ that even killed pregnant women with Russian help … Iran ‘I don’t know’

A drone photo taken moments before the attack on Kiiu, the capital of Ukraine, on the 17th (local time). | AP Yonhap News

Eight civilians, including a pregnant woman, were killed in a Russian drone strike on the 17th (local time) in Ukraine. Western criticism of Iran is mounting as damage from drones believed to have been delivered by Iran soared.

Ukraine’s National Emergency Service said the Russian attack killed four people and injured three in the capital, Kiiu, according to AFP and Reuters. Kiiwu Mayor Vitali Klicichko said two of the dead were young couples, including a six-month pregnant woman.

In Kiiu, an air raid warning sounded around 6:35 this morning, followed by four attacks believed to be Russian self-destructing drones, which destroyed a number of houses and buildings and caused fires. According to the National Emergency Service, four people were killed and several others injured when a substation was hit by a Russian rocket in the northeastern state of Sumi.

Western criticism of Iran has grown as the self-destructive drone strike, believed to have been carried out by Iran, resulted in a number of civilian casualties. White House press secretary Karin Jean-Pierre said at a briefing: “I’ve seen all the reports about apparently Iranian-made drones attacking central Kiiu and Iran continues to lie .” “There is ample evidence that Russia has used it against the military as well as civilians,” he said. Earlier, Iran’s foreign ministry denied the rumors about the sale of drones, saying, “Western news that Iran has sent drones to Russia has political intent.”

“Iran is reportedly considering selling more destructive weapons to support an attack it opposes,” said Jean-Pierre, a spokesman for Jean-Pierre.

Last month, the US sanctioned an Iranian company that helped deliver drones from Iran to Russia, and additional sanctions related to the drone trade are said to be being prepared. The United States also announced on the 14th that it would impose sanctions on individuals, companies, and countries that provide ammunition to Russia or support the Russian military-industrial complex.

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