Is eating a lot of eggs bad? Including the side effects of eating a lot of eggs. You can risk disease!

Is eating a lot of eggs bad?? as we all know Eggs are a source of protein. It is a useful food. Eat and be healthy. But if you eat too much, it must be said that some studies have found that eating too many eggs can have a negative effect on our health. Therefore, you are advised to eat eggs in moderation, it is more healthy. So what are the disadvantages of this?

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Is eating a lot of eggs bad?

1. Increased Risk of Heart Disease

In fact, eating one egg a day does not actually increase your risk of heart disease. It also reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular disease as well. But if we eat more eggs, like 3-4 or more eggs every day, this will have different side effects on health! by eating a lot of eggs along with total cholesterol in the diet Especially if your cholesterol level is more than 300 milligrams per day. It will increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Including more chance of death So, you are advised to eat eggs in moderation, it is more heart-healthy!

2. It can cause weight gain

Eating eggs alone probably won’t have much of an effect on your weight or health. But if we eat eggs with foods like processed meats that are high in fat and high in sodium, like bacon, ham, sausage, and butter chips. or eat with sweet pancakes and coffee with cream Foods that are full of excess calories can lead to weight gain. So for our health and weight. It is recommended to eat eggs with foods that are good for the body. spinach or spinach, bell peppers, tomatoes, avocados and olive oil, etc.

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