Israel finds evidence of Canaanites ‘using opium’ – world’s oldest at 3,400 years

Israel found evidence “Use of opium” of the Canaanites – the oldest in the world, 3,400 years old

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Israel found evidence – Xinhua reported that the Israel Institute of Antiquities and Israel’s Tel Aviv University. Announcement that stains have been found opium in pottery found in the middle of the country Dating back around 3,400 years ago, this is the oldest evidence of the use of hallucinogens in the world to date.

The results of the study, published through the magazine Archeometrig. Prepared by a research team from the Israel Institute of Antiquities. Tel Aviv University And the Weissmann Institute of Science in central Israel said that “Canaanites” used opium as offerings to the deceased at funerals.

Archaeologists show pottery where opium remains were found, in Jerusalem, on September 20, 2022. Israeli researchers have found opium remains in pottery found in central Israel, dating back to around 3,400 years ago back. (Photo by Gil Cohen Magen/Xinhua)

The report said the ceramic vessels, some of which were made in Cyprus. It was discovered in 2012 in a Canaanite tomb in the middle of the ancient ruins of Teljehud. or Jehud-Monosson today

Such vessels were placed in the grave as an offering in the belief that the deceased would use them in the Hereafter. Although the analysis of organic residues revealed that the researchers found residual opium in eight containers, the findings confirmed the hypothesis that opium and the opium trade played an important role in the cultures of the Near East.

Israel found evidence

An archaeologist shows a pottery vessel where traces of opium were found, in Jerusalem, on September 20, 2022. In a study, carried out by the IAA, TAU and the Weizmann Institute of Science in central Israel and published in the journal Archaeometry, the team revealed that the Canaanites use opium in burial rituals as an offering for the dead. (Photo by Gil Cohen Magen/Xinhua)

Researcher Ron Bieri suggests that funeral attendees may have tried to awaken the spirits of deceased relatives to make the request and would enter a state of euphoria by taking opium. He added that it was possible that the intention of the opium next to the body was to help a person’s soul wake up from the pit in preparation for meeting relatives in the next world.

side Vanessa Linares Mrs Tel Aviv University researchers It states that the opium was transported from Turkey (Turkey) through Cyprus. And that shows the importance of opium in that era very well.

Israel found evidence

An archaeologist shows a pottery vessel where opium remains were found, in Jerusalem, on September 20, 2022. (Photo by Gil Cohen Magen/Xinhua)

Burial T106. Mature male individual. Residues of opium were found in two Cypriot base ring jugs placed on the deceased’s pelvis and in a Cypriot base ring juglet placed near the deceased’s bottom. Image Credit: Israel Antiquities Authority

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